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Mood: Gleeful

This week has been rather — slow for me..Particularly during office hours. Perhaps for 3 days, workload was puny because my boss did not come in. Still — it was very slow.. <u_u>

Strangely though, my weekend by passes too fast! (Cries)

Well…Assembling miniature models is time consuming… <T_T> ↓

↑ See how bad my sewing skills are? (Laughs nervously)

Pricked my finger so many times!<≥A≤> (o~wie)

This model is different from the prior ones, which were shop houses. As for this set, it’s a music box with a drawer…very nice! <^-^>

I can’t find this type from the shop that I bought the others from. <´•ω•`>

Not sure what it’s called…The little mechanism inside music boxes? When you wind it up… ↓

The thing rotates and plays a melody..Orgel, is it what’s called? <.__.>{?]

Anyway…I bought it online. <^ε^>

There’s a little disappointment I must say. <´•__•`>

First of all because this model has to be pre-ordered which means you have to place an order, wait for the merchant to order from elsewhere, arrive at his/her place then only the item can be delivered to you. I waited for about 4 weeks!

Unless there are ready stocks at their place, you can receive it rather quickly say — in a day or 2.

Second disappointment — I did not order this model!

This is the bedroom set. Initially I ordered for the Garden of Eden and it seems I have to wait until their next stock which could take another 4 weeks. <x__x>

Bummer…Lastly…Some parts were missing!

Therefore as a result … very plain outcome! ↑

Oh well….Sheep is half-satisfied… Perhaps one can find other means to decorate and create additions ne? <u__u>

I still want the other model so — I’ve already informed the person about the mistakes and it seems sheep can get a discount for the next order.


Just hope there won’t be any inconvenience and mistakes. (Laughs nervously)

Oh yea…New shelf has been added on my wall~! ↓

Baa~ Plus… ↓

A painting of sunflowers to make the room look cheerful as ever~

Bought it from the same shop as the clock on the left. <^-^>/

Baa~ <u_u>

All in all, sheep is savvying her Sunday very much~

I cleaned my bedroom (wiped away the spider webs), bathed Auwlithe, finished assembling my miniature set and oh~ Brother is coming home so y~ay!


Have to get going now~

This blog post is very simply typed out so I apologize. <_  _>lll

I hope you’re as giggly and happy as sheep is right now..however not as lousy as my English! >_<

Full.of.ENERGY! (Laughs)

Information on DIY miniature Set: In case you’re interested in buying miniature sets online — here’s where I got the above’s model:

My advice for purchasing from this online shop would be – ↓

Ask what you need to know before making any payment. Don’t pay until they have the item in hand. If it’s a pre-ordered item, place an order without making any upfront payments until they are ready to deliver to your place.

And to avoid getting the wrong/faulty model and missing parts, remind the merchant to check everything!

Be a little bit buggy! It’s not a crime! (Laughs)


So if there’s anything, just ask sheep, your helpful service assistant~  (LAUGHS)