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Dear Beloved Readers~

Ms Aya is here to blog about wishes~! <^ε^>

First let me ask you: What do you think of wishes?

In your opinion, are they childish? Foolish? Useless or perhaps, for dreamers? And do you wish upon a star?

Your answer: ________________________________________________________________________

Well, I used to think wishes are childish and fake, in the sense of false hope. I’m one who has little faith and belief in life therefore I don’t really wish for anything. You can say that I’m afraid of disappointment. Besides, I feel that wishing is not practical because it numbs us into just believing and not actually making things happen with our own hands.

However today, the tables has changed upon stumbling this book. ↓

I’ve read only the summary of the fiction. It’s a story about a woman who is leading a not-very-expected, in fact lousy adulthood. One day, she dredged up her wish list which she has written in her teen years. Reading her old wish list has made her realized how different things has turned out for her. Her initial goals were not fulfilled and life isn’t what she had wished for. With that, she embarks on a journey towards her dreams, getting back on track to her real goals in life.

Sheep didn’t buy the book because for one — Not fond of this sort of books. Second — Sheep is about to go through the same journey! (Laughs)

What I’m trying to say is — As we get older, circumstances change and we tend to drift away from the things we really want in life. We stray from our path and eventually lead to places we don’t like or sometimes — nowhere at all.

We may have noted down mentally the goals and plans however, we kick them all to one side and make excuses not to fulfill them.

“I’m scared..”, “I’m alone…”, “It’s not good enough…”

All sorts of excuses that creates stumbling blocks ahead of us that we no longer see our destination nor do we know what we’re making excuses for.

I guess.. Some of us make wishes because we want certain things so badly, regardless of how silly or impossible they are, we hope for divine help.

Or use this as a motivation to keep us going.

Sheep has to admit, sheep’s drifting and making excuses all day long to the point that sheep’s giving up before trying.

So yes, I need every motivation I can get — even if I have to believe in making wishes and praying for them. <T_T>

Ok now that has been said… Don’t mind me, I’m going to list some of my wishes here!

Some of them.<^ε^>/

And maybe 2 years from now, come back to this entry and tick down what has been achieved as well as remind me some stuff. Pretty much like a time capsule. <^v^>/

You should try it, for kicks. (Laughs) It can be all kinds of wishes, for yourself, family — anything!

De? Here goes~~ <^ω^>

I wish… ↓

my whole family to always be safe from physical and spiritual danger.

my A blood uncle will finally get that I can have A blood cousins! <^x^>/

my brother to preserve the way he is and have a good girlfriend whom he will eventually be married to!

for Malaysia to have four seasons! Snow, especially~! (Laughs)

attitude of people to change — for the better!

to start an online business with my blog, PaperDiaries.

to be the most honest, sincere and genuine blogger.

to be a good role model! (Laughs)

to be loved once I’m worthy and deserving.

to be able to live with myself no matter how pathetic I may be.

to find my bishie and to only love him alone~! (Laughs)

I will not settle for less or more than I want. Will not succumb to greed!

to always see and go to that direction no matter how far I am

to grow long and healthy hair!

to grow *a-hem* bigger boobies!
to keep fit and below 45kg!
help others when I’m capable.
to have a few true friends whom I can love and take care of.
to be independent and wise!
to be a little more (as in just a  pinch) out-going.
to be fluent in writing and speaking!
to be more lady-like!
to retire in a country side..somewhere in New Zealand sounds good!
for Auwlithe to live as long as I do! ↓
….to have faith in God and people.
[ . . . ]
This is my list for the time being. (Laughs nervously)

Before I go and continue the rest of my Sunday, my last wish here would be…
All of you to lead a happy life with no regrets! \<^v^>/
Ja, baa-bai~!