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Mood: Flabbergasted

On the home stretch, motorcycle-after-motorcycle came darting from the back of our car.

The highway was already very crowded, with little space for anyone to squeeze through and yet they persist. <=__=>

At the expense of trying their luck to zigzag other vehicles, they either scratch other people’s vehicle, damage side mirrors, give you a heart attack — or all at once.

Fucking annoying.

Plus, their attitude is very fucked up. You signal your car to the right and about to cut in, suddenly a motorbike that was so far behind speeds up, hons and demands that you wait and make way for him to pass by.

Why the fuck do we have to give way to you? We are not obliged to and besides, we gave an early signal — you wait mother fucker.

Some more, dare to give that fucked up, not-satisfied face…You know? The ‘gawk-at-you and murmur-some-shit’ face. Makes you want to get out your car, grab that asshole’s face and tear it!

Then to further annoyance, once you let one motorcyclist pass, a beeline of them follows — giving you absolutely no chance to cross at all.

Dumb fucks.

Sometimes when these people get into a horrible accident, I wonder… Should we pity them or laugh out loud and say, “You should have seen that coming!”?

Gah! イライラス!<¯ヘ¯>凸

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Oooh, look at my finger, it’s thin~! <°Δ°> (Laughs)