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No Eyecandy for Sheep!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

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Before anybody gets this brilliant idea about asking me whether I’ve found any guy I fancied at work…allow me to bring this up first. <TAT>


[ . . . ]

There aren’t any which caught my eyes.

For crying out loud, the male population in my office is few and…

They are old enough to be my father. ↑ <x__x>

See? They even wear their pants so high up! <≥A≤>/

Well…I know it’s common for people to have crushes and eye candies whether they are at work, school or regular hangout places. (Sighs) I’m not even spared to have a bit of such normal leisure. <x__x>

I don’t mean I deserve much better for I know my self-value however… (Laughs) Perhaps sheep shouldn’t be thinking and prospecting for a soulmate yet. Most important thing to do right now is work hard, earn some money and then venture into an online business. <—ω—>/

Have been planning to start a blog shop since a long time already. Time to make plans fall into places, ne? (Laughs)

Yosh~! It should take my mind off bishies (handsome guys)~


Well then, sheep shall sleep early for tomorrow’s work~!

Everyone, it’s a pleasure blogging and reporting to you all! <^v^>/

Have a good week and stay tune! <^x^>/

PS: Do you have an eyecandy? I wonder when people usually have eye candies, do they really intend to make advances or just stay that way? RocketLife’s Dan, say something! XD (Laughs)