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Mood: Much better than just now

Ok, this entry is meant to top the previous blog post. (Laughs nervously)

Sheep doesn’t really want such a bitter and angry entry to be the headline. Although…

This trick isn’t going to work but it’s worth a try. (Laughs nervously)

Anyway, let’s talk about the good news.


First let me report that I saw 3 car accidents today. ↓

First there was a car on fire.

A few towns ahead, a jeep turned over. And a little further from this, right in front of sheep — A motorcyclist just leaped off his bike and sent it skiing to a van.

I saw the midget rolled to the side of the road and stood there dumbfoundedly.

The van got smashed and that’s all I know. We were in a moving vehicle so we didn’t get too much time to digest the whole accident.

Shit, I’m even more scared of driving now!

Ok, the good news is:

I got a job.

An office job and it starts this Friday.

[ . . . ]

Scared… >_<


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In this entry, I am going to rant and complaint like a girl.

Expect it to be very wordy and — full of whines and complaints!

It’s a ‘girl thing’ that’s bothering me.

“Oh gosh, she’s going to talk about her period — on her blog?”

You say?

Pff. NO!

For starters, I don’t know why and how some girls can talk a lot about their period — whether they are bleeding down there profusely or just rats pee. What’s so fascinating?

Unless you know darn well how your nights were spent, yea — do worry about a certain cargo.

“Is this a love problem?”,  you make a second guess.


My love life has been inactive since — a very long time and I’m not complaining because there just isn’t anything to point out. Sure, I do get lonely and bored of doing things on my own however I have other issues that are more alarming and in need of attention.

Ok, don’t bother making a third guess. I’ll shed the light on this now.

Sheep is upset because —

Sheep is FAT!

[ . . . ]

…Like I’ve said, it’s a ‘girl thing’. (Laughs nervously)

You see, I’m having troubles fitting in some clothes and it’s really digging into my skin — literally!

The new skirt-pants I bought? ↓

I’d really love to wear it tomorrow but upon trying, I foresee that my thighs and butt is going to suffer while watching people getting owned by Predators one-by-one. (Yea, going to watch Predators tomorrow!)

It’s M size for crying out loud! And I can’t fucking fit in it without sucking my tummy! (Cries)

The me putting on weight is of course, my fault for eating carelessly.

Danger One: I eat 2 ice-cream every day.

Danger Two: 2 heavy meals a day. Lots of snacks in between.

Danger Three: Chocolate, every day.

Danger Four: Started drinking Coke again!


I need a trainer…Someone to scold and smack me when I’m breaking the diet rule.

(Sighs) A boyfriend would be so useful in times like this.

I don’t trust girls because for all you know, they wish you put on weight so that they look better than you. Speaking of girls, there’s this particular type of women I really dislike.

How shall I describe them? Ah~

The feline puss.

They are the kind of women who takes good care of themselves; their image, self-hygiene and their own house and things.

But when they are at other people’s house, they don’t give a shit.

Correction: They shit all over the place!

Pretty much like a cat’s nature. They don’t shit and pee in their own houses but goes elsewhere. Not all cats are like this but heck, the women I’m talking about are.

I’ve came in contact with this type of women before, when I was 16, living with my father. Those who don’t know this yet, my parents are divorced because my father whom we just call him That Man is a cheating dastardly asshole.

So anyway, I was 16, living in his house and he had a few girlfriends that time. The women he brought back — really disgusted the shit out of me. They came as when as they please, created a whole turbulence in his room and later expected me to clean after them.

I remember the first time it happened, I didn’t have any idea what they were doing in the bedroom.

I thought they were having an adult chat or something but I couldn’t care less because I was schooling and had homework to do. Therefore, complete ignorance until one day — They came out of the room.

When I heard they were out in the hall, I was happy that they were done whatever they were doing because I was starving and they promised to take me out for dinner. Getting food in the condominium isn’t very convenient. Sure, they do have a cafeteria but I got sick of eating the same junk.

So then, famished — I quickly finished my homework, changed up and got ready. But no, suddenly they were in a hurry to go somewhere, a place which I couldn’t come along. Instead, That Man asked me to clean his bedroom. While telling me to do so, the woman hurried to the doorstep, avoided eye contact with me and hummed a tune with a bloody smirk on her face.

They left, I went in the room and my goodness…

My first time seeing that white fluid — not just any white fluid but the one that if you’re not careful with, boom! Out the product of the sperm! The air was filthy, place was a mess and hell — disgusting.

As I was cleaning, I was damn pissed because one; That Man had the cheek to ask me to clean after his after intercourse party. Second, the woman did not have any grace to clean after her mess and could just stand by the door, and smirk knowing her bf’s daughter is going to see things in the room.

This carried on for months. In between, there were complications in their relationships and he dated other women, who were of the same species. Dirty and selfish.

I remember waking up every morning and I would find leftover food, plates and cups in the sink. I don’t mind cleaning after That Man because I was staying there and imposing on him. However, the women?

How shameful of them!

I can’t believe my father left my mother for such women. My mum hand washes his clothes and finds a lipstick mark on them, and another woman’s skirt. They never lift a finger to clean or wash anything. The way they tuck their manicured fingers safely in their pockets makes me sick. They are the type that can never be good housewives nor good mothers.

By the way before you start questioning why I’m pissed with these women and not so much That Man for being the main asshole, these women are just as guilty. They cheated on their partners too. (If I were to blog about him, it would be endless bashings)

See? Birds of the same feathers, flocks together. How true~

Baa…One of them even budged in my room just to tell me she wanted to break up with him and even told me about their fuck sessions. Seriously, no shame. I was studying for my Economy exam damn it!

It might have been a help if it was Biology but mweh, I wasn’t in the science stream.

Anyway, it seems that bringing this old story up has really derailed from the actual rant of this entry. It’s just that this is something that I’ve always wanted to tell somebody about but just don’t really have anyone to share it with.

It’s not a decent piece of story though. Knowing this, you should know why I’m against partners cheating each other and how strongly I feel about it.

(Laughs) There is more to this but let’s not go there, alright?

After typing the above, I really don’t know how to end this. It just started out spontaneously and if I were to just erase everything, it will never get off my chest.

The point is — I have a strong hatred for that kind of men, and such women. Not only through empirical means, but have been tangled with them before.

Ah, the dramas back then.

Ja, time to go~

Sorry for not using any emoticons this round. >_<

Oh, I just did. (Laughs)

PS: In the comment section, sheep is going to sit this one out. So don’t expect any replies from sheep. Say whatever you want to say. Scold me, insult me, take pop shots — I don’t care.

Mood: Peaceful

Don’t get your hopes too high! <`д´>/

I’m not blogging a review on the LG Lollipop as I don’t have it. <OдO>{!!!]

BUT! <ºдº>

I found a reasonably good review in regards to the phone. Just that — It’s in Thai.

That’s right — In Thai.

If you have Google Translator or that sort of tool, awesome. It won’t be a very smooth and fluent read but you can roughly fathom what the review says.

Click here to read the review

The review talks about the shape of the phone, the usage, entertainment, organizer, Internet, camera and battery. There are 9 pages in total. So remember to click ‘Next‘ to hop on to the next page.

I hope after this, I won’t be getting too many questions in relation to Lollipop and Lollipop 1.

Questions for LG Ice-cream and Samsung Star are welcome because I have the phones in hand~

(Actively using Samsung Star because of its Wee-Fee!) <^▽^>/~★

Well then, sheep is off the continue her Saturday by being a lazy bum. (Laughs) <—ω—>/