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Hurray for the extra 0.1cm!

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I was going to cross the road when suddenly — a motorist dash past me. Luckily, I was one step back from being a run over victim. <OAO>{!!!] (Laughs nervously)

It frightened me so badly that I could feel a weird tingling sensation all over my scalp. <-__-> You know? The kind of feeling when you get startled and your hair sort of jumps? <.__.>{?]

I am certain — my hair has grown at least 0.1 cm longer out from this scare. <^x^>o

[ . . . ]

Optimism and happiness has just increased by 0.1 ↑. (Laughs)

Mmm…Maybe I should get taken by surprise or scared more often and I may just achieve my hair of revenge sooner…I hope this method works for boobs too…Might as well discharge acne and blackheads out from my skin.

I Still Want Long Hair!

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Baa! \<^v^>/

Writing to you is Ms Aya who is quite happy that her hair has grown longer~! ↓

(Laughs) It has been over a year since I last cut. <^ε^>

Many a times I was tempted to give it a trim because of the messy and dry ends. ↓

But I really want to have long hair! <≥A≤>

…And knowing my hair growth, it’s damn slow! <∏_∏>

(Sighs) Please grow longer and healthier, hair!

(Laughs) Grow long and thick so that I may cover my face!

Not a very positive wish to make, huh? (Laughs nervously)

[ . . . ]

No comment. <´•__•`>

[ . . . ]

実は、sheep has nothing to blog; I’m just spamming. <—ω—> (Laughs nervously)

And it’s done~



Ms Aya and Babak

PS: Oh yes, one more wish — Bigger boobs please!

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Greetings from the desk of Ms Aya, your ordinary O type girl~ (Laughs) ↓

How are you? <^-^>/

I’m very sorry for neglecting PaperDiaries this week. My weekdays are now obliged to work!

Speaking of which, it’s my first time working as a clerk in an office. For which company? I’ll disclose some clues at the feet of this entry, shortly. <—ω—>/

Since it has only been my first week, I have few ‘problematic’ encounters to share with you. To those who have yet to work in an office, this is something for your thought whereas those who have — let’s see if you had similar encounters with sheep. (Laughs)

We’ll commence with problems that you might face when working in an office environment~! ↓


Suppose your work place is far and your medium of transportation is:

1) Car
2) Train
3) Bus

Then this is your very first obstacle (Or perhaps waking up early is your number 1 obstacle). Reaching to work on time. To do that, you have to beat the rat race. As we know all office jobs have a typical time which everyone follows and if all office people are to be on the road at the same time, what’s to expect but a major traffic? You can either wake up very early and leave for work before the jam begins or… camp in your office over night. (Laughs)

As for those who takes buses and trains, you’re sandwiched by zombies while commuting and — yea, you’re one of the many zombies too.

My mum drives me to work and we leave the house an hour before my working time. What I hate is — though I reach the office on time, by then my bladder is full! Damn stupid!



Office workers deal with papers and computers. Because we are now living in such a high-tech age, we rely a lot on the computer and the Internet. We get updated information from the online database and then only we update our hard copies. With the help of the computer, we have lesser manual work. Imagine handwriting a long-winded letter and unearthing fossilized documents in a warehouse of archives.

So with the Internet, is this something to be happy about? Of course it is — provided you don’t have a slow, shitty Internet connection, then rejoice by all means!

The Internet connection is very important because it is responsible for speeding up your work as well as slowing it down. If all your given work requires the Internet and it’s not loading, you’re a sitting duck. And I don’t think your boss will accept this “The Internet is slow” excuse.


Photostat Machine

Have you ever operated a photostat machine? Nay? Same with sheep! <^v^>/

Prior to now sheep has never used one, and never thought it could be so difficult! Is it because I’m from Venus — or…I’m just downright stupid when machines are involved? <.___.>

In any case, a photostat machine might be trouble for you. You may know the basic scan and copy back and front but there’s more to it, such as: Resizing, by passing, for certain scan you have to place the papers in a different tray.

I jinxed this up a lot! <´•ω•`>

The worrying issue is — each time you’ve done it wrongly:

1) You’re wasting papers
2) Your boss pays for the high rental fees which you stack.



The chances of putting on weight is high. You are most of the time stationed at your desk hence less movements. Unless you get regular outside errands, awesome! Your legs won’t cramp! However eating heavy lunch and having your bum seated for hours and 5 days a week is sure to make you — flabby. <-___->

So be careful not to overly indulge your food!


Going Home

Refer to 問題一ください. At the end of the day, it depends on you.

You may have the perks to endure the traffic jam upon the thought of going home/dinner/TV/sex/sleep but for some, it’s one more dreadful hurdle. If your energy gauge is low, this is probably the last condemnation for you. Still poses a problem!


Apart from the above, there is nothing else to add for the moment. The rumors and stories that you often hear and read about in magazines such as playing politics and office bitches? I have not encounter those dramas yet and I wish to keep it this peaceful!

Now exactly what line of work is sheep working in?

Some clues: ↓

  • sells ‘unseen’ products
  • does not appeal to young people
  • has major responsibilities for clients
  • when you were small, your parents buys them for you
  • if you were given a form to fill, you wouldn’t know where to put your name and what the fuck is it all about
  • sure, sure, sure

More than enough clues has been given… Do me a favor…

Please keep your guesses to yourself because I will not affirm them~ (Laughs)

But I’ll let you know, sheep is not going to work there for a long term; no interest in that sort of business and certainly will not be a clerk forever. It will kill my youth! I mean — Already I’m having nightmares of paper work and numbers! <`A´>/

I miss my whimsical and nonsensical dreams! <—ω—>/

So in this duration, I’ll do my best to work as a clerk and when it’s time to leave, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll volunteer to help my boss train the next clerk. It must be very troublesome for my boss to keep training and repeating the task, right? (Laughs) So yes, I can help my boss in that department! …Boss doesn’t know my intentions yet. XD


A~ah, it seems my babbles needs to stop now. (Laughs) Also it’s time to let your eyes rest!

Everyone, this is Ms Aya who is going to relax and unwind throughout the weekend~!

Write to you again~!

PS: Uh, besides all the given problems, are there any more to add? Any from experienced workers? Or even assumptions from students? (Laughs nervously)

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Been a bloody long since I last shared some cosplay pictures, nay?

Well here are some that I found recently. <^-^>v

You’ll find:

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist (11 images)
  2. King of Fighters (7 images)
  3. BLEACH (6 images)
  4. Devil May Cry (8 images)
  5. Heart no Kuni no Alice (8 images)
  6. DMC and HnKnA images with the cosplayer’s profile link attached

As usual, I don’t claim any of these awesome pictures to be mine —

Just found them from here and there. <—ω—>

So alright, picture dumping starts now~

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