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Ever Wonder Why? #1

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Dear ladies (and perhaps guys who can relate to this),

Ever wonder why… ↓

The mannequins look good with the clothes but when you wear the same clothes, you don’t see or get the same charm.

Sometimes when I see nice clothes on a mannequin, I would get the idea that the clothes could suit me but upon actually wearing, I find it totally hideous! The clothes are fantastic however, the problem is ME!

Irksome! The mannequin looks stunning but not on myself!

How come? <.__.>{?]

I demand answers!!! <`A´>/

Megane-kun, Aya!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

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This is Ms Aya who discovered that she… ↓ short-sighted. <@_@>

Off late I’ve been having troubles seeing things from afar. It became so annoying that I had my eyes checked. <=__=>

According to the optician, sheep is short-sighted. <T_T>

Although it’s at a very minor stage, it’s better to have a pair of glasses just in case.

The good news is I don’t have to wear glasses all the time, only when I’m looking for something. Otherwise, don’t give a damn about what’s ahead. <—ω—>/

Etoh… <.___.>

Nothing else to blog it seems. There aren’t any happenings at the moment… My life is so dry and uneventful, isn’t it? (Laughs nervously)

Well this is to be expected from an ordinary ‘O’ type girl —

Sorry! <≥A≤>


!! Runs away !!

PS: How are you and what’s going on with your life, pipo? <—ω—>/