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Mood: CHO-- HAPPY!


Introducing…my new toy~! ↓

It’s a Polaroid camera! (No, it has nothing to do with Polar bears and droids!)

Snap a picture and out your instant photo! <^v^>/

I’m so happy! Now I can paste photos into my diary! Although I have a digital camera, phone camera and a standard camera — I find it bothersome to go to the camera shop just to print some pictures. Moreover, I only want card size photos. <´•__•`>

So glad to have stumbled onto this camera in Action City~<^ε^>

Well, I’m racing to sleep early so I’ll give you a bean of information regarding this camera. ↓

  • Fujifilm Instax mini 7S- Can be found in Action City
  • Price: RM299
  • Battery operated (4 AA batteries)
  • Built-in flash
  • Size of the instant film: credit card size
  • Most camera shops do sell the refills for Polaroids (RM29.00 for 10 sheets)
  • Pink and blue available. However, white and brown cost RM350 and the functions are basically the same — stupid right?

That’s all to know. The quality is…I won’t say it’s outstanding, but fairly. Maybe because I haven’t taken any pictures outdoors which should produce better colors and quality.

Anyway, this was taken indoor under the fluorescent light on. ↓

What do you think? <^-^> (Laughs)

Baa~ (Yawns)

Tine to sleep. Night-night everyone and sorry for being so sloppy in my recent entries. I do have stuff that I’d like to blog but can’t seem to put them in words. <_  _>lll Hopeless sheep…

Oh well, my apologies and write to you again~!