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Hurray for the extra 0.1cm!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Happy?


I was going to cross the road when suddenly — a motorist dash past me. Luckily, I was one step back from being a run over victim. <OAO>{!!!] (Laughs nervously)

It frightened me so badly that I could feel a weird tingling sensation all over my scalp. <-__-> You know? The kind of feeling when you get startled and your hair sort of jumps? <.__.>{?]

I am certain — my hair has grown at least 0.1 cm longer out from this scare. <^x^>o

[ . . . ]

Optimism and happiness has just increased by 0.1 ↑. (Laughs)

Mmm…Maybe I should get taken by surprise or scared more often and I may just achieve my hair of revenge sooner…I hope this method works for boobs too…Might as well discharge acne and blackheads out from my skin.