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Don’t get your hopes too high! <`д´>/

I’m not blogging a review on the LG Lollipop as I don’t have it. <OдO>{!!!]

BUT! <ºдº>

I found a reasonably good review in regards to the phone. Just that — It’s in Thai.

That’s right — In Thai.

If you have Google Translator or that sort of tool, awesome. It won’t be a very smooth and fluent read but you can roughly fathom what the review says.

Click here to read the review

The review talks about the shape of the phone, the usage, entertainment, organizer, Internet, camera and battery. There are 9 pages in total. So remember to click ‘Next‘ to hop on to the next page.

I hope after this, I won’t be getting too many questions in relation to Lollipop and Lollipop 1.

Questions for LG Ice-cream and Samsung Star are welcome because I have the phones in hand~

(Actively using Samsung Star because of its Wee-Fee!) <^▽^>/~★

Well then, sheep is off the continue her Saturday by being a lazy bum. (Laughs) <—ω—>/