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I’m about to blog a review on the Canon Digital Ixus 130 (14.1 megapixels, HD video recording) but beforehand, do note that this review is coming from an average person who knows nothing about ISO, optical lens, light metering and such jargon, one who just wants a good user-friendly digital camera that takes beautiful pictures!

The few points I’ll be stressing on would be:

  • Exterior appearance
  • Display quality
  • Navigation
  • Features
  • Photo and video quality

Without further ado, let’s begin with the first aspect: ↓

Exterior Appearance

If you have been one who always held on to large, brick-like gadgets, you’d find the Canon Ixus 130 to be very slim, compact and fitting to the palm. The measurements are:

Horizontal length: 9cm
Vertical length: 5.5cm
Thickness: 1.5cm

However its built is rather flat so getting a good grip by the side might prove difficult for big hands.

As you can see above, the buttons aren’t too small, which is good. In terms of its exterior, it may seem normal to those who have or had slim and compact cameras. Besides silver, there are 3 other available colors: Standard black, striking pink and funky orange — very bold colors!

On with the display quality… ↓

Display Quality

The screen dimension is 4.2cm x 6cm.

The display quality is marvelous, the colors are so vivid and vibrant that you would definitely enjoy going through the photos in your Ixus 130. When you transfer the photos to your computer, the quality is just as stunning as you view them in the camera itself. I’ll provide more visual on this later.

Another thumbs up to the Canon Ixus 130 is that you can rotate the pictures simply by tilting the camera as shown below. ↓

With that, you can view the photos horizontally or vertically on the spot, just by tilting the camera. By the way, this camera is fully button-operated, no touch screen features!


To select functions manually (such as adjusting for night mode, portrait mode and others), it may take awhile to get used to the navigation however there are quick keys to basic and usual functions like macro, brightness, self-timer and flash.

In addition, there’s an auto mode which helps select appropriate scene/feature upon capturing. Suppose you are taking an up-close shot, it will automatically activate macro mode for you.

Picture Quality

Now we’re at the meat: Image quality.

What I’m about to show you in awhile are some photos taken by the Canon Ixus 130, and how clear it is when you zoom in or crop a certain part.

N/B: The pictures that are posted below has been resized to 400 x 300 pixels. So the actual 14.1 pixels quality may differ. But the zoomed in are cropped from the original sized of 14.1 pixels.

Example: ↓

↑ The full picture that had been resized to 400 x 300 pixels.

Cropped from the original size (4320 x 3240 pixels ) and zoomed in x 5.

↕ Cakes at Starbucks

Zoomed in x 3.

↕Starbucks bottles and cups

Zoomed in x 5

↕ Miniature DIY coffee shop set

Zoomed in x 3

Having these shown, you can assure yourself that zooming in closer or cropping a certain part of the picture will give you quite a reasonable quality. It isn’t all pixeled  and blurry.

Canon Ixus 130 is capable of zooming in up to 10 times.


Some awesome features to spice up and bring your photos to life!

It has most of the basic features that you can find in other cameras, features such as White & Black, Sepia, Night mode, portrait and so on. Therefore, let’s touch on features that other cameras might not have. ↓

Fish-eye effect

Miniature effect

What the miniature effect does is blurring the top of the focused area to make it look smaller.

Kids & Pets mode

To capture active moving things.


My favorite mode. It makes colors so bright and vivid! There’s also a Color Mode whereby you can choose what colors you wish to stand out.

Now let’s speak a bit about what might be a downside for this camera. ↑

The one thing I noticed about this camera is that it has the tendency to blur some parts of the picture to the point it does get annoying especially when you want the whole image to get captured. The blurring is good for artistic photos, without the need to edit them in the computer, no doubt. Sometimes you want a normal picture.


You just need to get used to the functions and know how to select and capture.

It is not impossible to take a full picture without any blurring effects, as shown beneath. ↓

( ↑ Sushi King’s standard is seriously declining! They are using long beans to substitute green soy peas! This is unforgivable! If this keeps up, sheep might not want to dine in Sushi King anymore! *ROAR*)

Video Quality

See and listen for yourself. XD ↓

Summary and Conclusion

So what do you think?

Is it a good camera? Before I end this, here’s a summary regarding the Canon Ixus 130 specs:

  1. 14.1 megapixels
  2. HD video recording
  3. Maximum zoom in x10
  4. Support up to 32GB (SD memory card)
  5. Battery lifespan – 6 hours.
  6. USB outlet

As for price, I got mine for RM1148, inclusive of screen and lens protector.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with it. Although the previous camera I had which was the Lumix 6 mega pixels was just as good, I like Canon for its capability to capture photos with vibrant colors. The constant blurring does annoy me but it can be worked out without smashing the camera. (Laughs)

Well then, this review is brought to you by Ms Aya/Sheep, an ordinary “O” type girl.

The content may not be according to how digital professionals would put it so if you do have the same camera model and would like to contribute your opinions, you are very welcome to do so.

Thank you and baa-bai~♥! <^v^>/


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6 comments so far

1.  krayle
July 1st, 2010 at 10:09 am

Sheep-chan~~~~~ *glomps!*

Waiii it looks good! Shall consider getting one too!

I love how you always take such care in posting vital information and samples about products so that readers can find out exactly what they need about it (: thanks Sheep-chan~!

2.  Cassiemissy
July 1st, 2010 at 11:59 am

nice review.. those professional review are just too much on the net.. ur review is great for normal, ordinary ‘o’ users.. wahahaha..

u make me feel like getting one as well.. haha

3.  Cassiemissy
July 1st, 2010 at 12:00 pm

btw… sushi king is really terrible lor… tat green thing on top, is soo.. ugly.. wahaha

4.  Ms Aya
July 3rd, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Dear Krayle-chan

Baa, I just think that ordinary people who don’t know the jargon for certain things would prefer to read something simple. Hahaha, pretty much how I evaluate before purchasing. (besides spur of the moment)

Krayle-chan is looking to get a new camera? (o_o)


Dear Cassie

I hope that green thing is temporary! If they ran out of stock, it’s understandable though.

Oh I read you want a Sony camera. Haha, the pink is nice! Canon Ixus 105 has a shade of pink that is slightly similar to that Sony camera. It’s 12.1 megapixels and features, maybe less from 130. Try it out at the camera shop! RM800+.


Urgh, forgot to add some notes on the Night mode for Canon 130. Be right back. (x__x)

5.  krayle
July 4th, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Krayle does not have a camera! At least not one of her own. I have been putting up with using phone cameras, but as you know sometimes they take so long to go into the camera function, by the time it’s ready, the thing that i want to take has sometimes alrdy gone or passed T_T

6.  Ms Aya
July 6th, 2010 at 8:19 pm

Oh you poor dear, not having a digital camera!? The horror! The void of life! (Cries for Krayle-chan)

Hahaha, I get what you mean. My old phones gave me that sort of problems before; mostly takes a long time to save the captured picture and by then, the object/person is long gone!

Well the few times I went to the camera shop, I was told that Lumix and Canon are trusted cameras. Baa, Krayle-chan good luck in getting a good and handy camera! Always test them out before anything else!

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