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So Did I Get It?

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Pathetic

(Laughs nervously)

Sadly, no…I didn’t get the job — Did not even stand a chance!

The minute I got there, the hall was packed with swans — SWANS! <OAO>

Initially I thought I could have ended up at the wrong place seeing this was kind of like auditioning for America’s Next Top Model.

I still managed to submit my application form and gave a brief introduction but to no avail.

Where did I lose out?

Who knows…My wages are on my face. I look like a fourth-world ugly janitor for crying out loud! <TAT>

Well, sheep is back at the cross junction — looking for alternatives.

By the way, all of you guessed correctly in the previous entry. I was trying out for flight attendant. Did you all really guess it or copied Rocket‘s answer? (Laughs)

Baa~ Oh how I dare to even think of going for air stewardess with a face like this! <_  _>

That’s it! <TAT>

Off I go to get a paper bag over my face. Mind you, I would like to sulk for a bit! (Laughs)

After having my shit self present in a hall filled with elegant swans, it has really robbed sheep of her self-esteem right inside from appearance to inner values. <x__x>

[ . . . ]

You know what? <-__->

I should keep my mind occupied with something else…Say —- DIY Miniature? ↓

Oh yes~ Please take my mind away from today’s depression!

!! runs away !!

Update! [ Sunday, 27th June, 11:23+p.m ]

I spent the entire Sunday assembling this miniature set~! ↓

This model doesn’t have many components so it was a quick job. I cheated a bit though, by using tape to plaster certain parts because the glue just won’t stick especially the wires!

And I was flabbergasted to discover that I wasn’t given enough stones for the fire place, so I had to look for tiny stones outside my garden!

Baa, let’s move on with pictures~! ↓

There’s no more space on my wall shelf so for the time being, this addition will be on my desk shelf instead. ↓

Thinking of adding a longer shelf beneath… Baa… <´•ω•`>