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Panicking, Panicking!

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Mood: Cranky Oh dear, oh fuck…!

I’m going for an interview this Saturday and now I’m feeling very nervous! <≥A≤>/

The interview requires formal clothes, make-up and overall, well presented. Nails have to be cut and polished, hair must be in place — Don’t all job interviews have this standard requirement?

Of course.

However in addition to the position that I’m about to apply, there’s a certain height and weight required, so as skin complexion, a pleasant smile and social skills. Sheep is afraid that she might not be able to meet up to those requirements! Appearance does take in account for this line of work!

Baa! \<`A´>/

Anyway whether I get the job or not, we’ll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, you can try guessing what job is that. Come, exercise your brain and imagination! (Laughs)

Some clues:

  • Particular about height and weight
  • Fairly good overall appearance
  • Have an upbeat personality and sociable
  • Good hospitality
  • Training before the actual job
  • Lots of traveling

Quite easy to guess, huh? <^-^>/

I already bought my clothes meant for the interview as well as shoes and a new handbag. It’s funny because I’ll be dressing in my new clothes but beneath them all, I’ll be wearing my old undergarments! (Laughs)

Good thing they won’t flip my skirt up to check if I’m wearing Triumph or LaSenZa, nay? Hohohoho!

Well, another mundane entry from the ever ordinary O type sheep. My apologies. <_  _>

If I have time, I’ll write a short review on the Canon Digital Ixus 130 which I purchased last week. Just give me some time to go out and look for nice things to snap pictures of, alright?

Time to go~ Ja ne!

From the back of Auwlithe~