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Mood: ?

Mood: ?

Yesterday was my first time working as a waitress. It was fantastic, pleasant, enjoyable and most of all — I love the cafe~

Unfortunately, I no longer work there. <´•__•`>

Would you like to make a guess as to why?

Take your pick out of the following: ↓

a) Sheep got fired for breaking the cups and plates

b) Sheep quit

c) Sheep burned her face while serving sizzling Teriyaki Chicken

d) Sheep got another job offer

e) Sheep severed her leg while working

[ . . . ]

You have 10 seconds to choose. <—ω—>/

[ 10, 9, 8, ------------- 0 ]

Done guessing? <^x^>

Well the answer is B; I quit. <_   _>lll

RM700 (which is US$214 | SG$ 298) a month for a 12-hours  job with only one day off in every 2 weeks is not worth it in my opinion.

Do you find it rewarding?

Even the part-time pay isn’t appealing so I decided to quit.

Too bad because I really like the cafe and the long hours I spent there yesterday allowed me to watch people enjoy themselves.

Although I’ve only worked there for a day, I have lots of happy things (as well as personal matters) to say but I better keep it short because it might lead to a lengthy chat.

… I wonder if I made the right decision… What would you do? Carry on working with that salary or quit?


With that said, there you have it! <-__->

This is sheep who is looking for another job. <_  _>lll

Everyone, I apologize for being useless despite your support. <;__;>

PS: c) did occur. But I didn’t get burn badly, thankfully!