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The Sheep Turns 22!

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Mood: Cheerful

Mood: Cheerful

Oh wow…

Today’s my 22nd birthday. Sheep is getting old! <OAO>!!!

It’s only a matter of time when everyone starts to address me by ‘Madam Aya’ or ‘Madam Sheep’! (Gasps)

Well, not that I mind being called Madam — as long as not Gramps or Aunty!  (Laughs)


I don’t have any major plans for today other than having dinner with my mum and brother. Mother suggested to buy cake but I refused because cake isn’t much to my liking. I’ve been telling her “No cakes, PLEASE” every year and yet she keeps suggesting it. <x__x>

I guess — Perhaps ice-cream cake will do? <^ω^>/ (Laughs nervously)

Well the day is still young and sheep hasn’t thought of what to blog about so — Sheep will report later in the night?

I do have good news that can’t wait to dispense at my fingertips however, let’s wait for confirmation shall we? <^-^*>

That said, get back to everyone later~!

For the sake of having some visual in this blog post, Meet Babak~! ↑

それじゃ、blog again later! <^v^>/~


It’s almost 11 0′clock night. I thought of listing down my birthday wishes however, sheep needs to sleep early because — well this concerns the good news I mentioned earlier…

Sheep has gotten a job!

Work starts tomorrow!

(Laughs) I don’t know much about being a waitress but I supposed I’ll find out soon.

Sheep is a bit nervous. <´•__•`>

Oh well…Anyway many thanks to those who greeted me Happy Birthday~ <^x^>/

Thank you~!