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Mood: Good

Mood: Good

Heylo, muffins~!

This is your genki-going sheep who tried on her old costume which she ordered online say — 2 years ago~! ↓


120 hours ago, I was digging my closet for some old clothes. Then as I was going through piece by piece, I started to recall the types of clothes I used to wear last time.

From small till now… I think it’s the same phase in life for everyone. Our choice of clothes changes throughout time as we grow, with the help of new trends influencing us along the way. <—ω—>

Let’s begin with kiddy days, shall we?

[ Sheep and her brother. Argh! My hand! <≥A≤> ]

As a kid, I don’t think any of us had much of the freedom to choose our own clothes. We just wore whatever our parents threw at us. From plain singlets and shorts to frilly clownish flamboyant clothes. And sometimes when the weather gets too hot, our parents would strip us down to our diapers/undies.

Not that we know shame at that age. Plus as long as the clothes were colorful and not black — y~ay!

It was around 12 years old that I started to choose and buy my own clothes. Back then, I mostly wore trousers, 3/4 pants and singlets that were too big for me. <´•ω•`>lll

Heh, I had no armpit hair yet so it was ok to wear singlets la…Breast also don’t have. (Laughs) <—ω—>

When I reached 15, I begun to wear mini skirts and spaghettis (still… hairless and boob-less). By the time I got to 18, I scarcely ever wore slacks and pants. Well, I admit. I got fatter and couldn’t fit in my old jeans…Also, too much of a cheapskate to buy new pairs! <`A´>/

Anyway thereafter, my clothing taste changed to onepiece dresses and cardigans as you can see through my blogging history. (Laughs)

Baa.. <u_u>

It’s high time for sheep to put on more matured clothes that suits her age huh? <T_T>

Sheep’s birthday is coming soon and she’s still…like a 子供 (kid). <u_u>


Sheep has to go off now.

This is the sheep who also dug her brother’s closet and ‘borrowed’ his lumber jack shirt — taking her leave~ ↑

Ta ta~

[ . . . ]

These kids…No concern for fashion at all..They don’t have to worry about what to wear everyday. How nice… ↑

By the way, why do parents like to take naked pictures of their children AND show it to other people?

And what’s your fashion style history? Do you have any fashion signature?

Glad I destroyed most of my naked photos! So — so — glad! <`A´>/