So Sheep is Blogging Again!

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Mood: Cranky

Mood: Cranky


I think my break from blogging was long enough. (Laughs nervously)

Well last week was pretty happening for me as there were many things going on.

First, I dyed my hair black — which didn’t turn out as I wanted. Sheep was going for the Darth Vader black but — it’s still brownish!

Saru-chan, a family friend came over to stay at my house for a few days. He failed to see any differences to my hair!

Perhaps guys just don’t pay attention to detail/physical changes? (Laughs)

On the contrary, it was hard for him to dismiss the existence of  my PS3! (Laughs) ↓

During Saru-chan’s stay, sheep was rather ill and had a very bad cough which inconvenience our conversation. This boy talks a lot so this time around, sheep couldn’t keep up. (Laughs)

As I’m typing this blog entry, I’m still coughing. My throat is so itchy and I really feel like turning my skin inside-out so that I may scratch it with a sand paper! Grr! <`A´>/

Worse, I can’t cough as I please because my rib cage is really hurting, thanks to the coughing and vomiting from the passed few days! <x__x>

Oh~~ Sheep so misses drinking her beloved cold, ice-blended drinks~~ The feeling of icy, chilled liquid gushing down the throat — Most to crave for — the TASTE! <`A´>/

You know when you’re sick, you can’t really taste your food, right?

Sucks man! \<`A´>/

Anyway, enough said. Saru-chan and sheep went over to Singapore and the choice of our destination was Sentosa Island~! ↓

[ Merlion - Singapore's symbol and mascot ]

We had a great time moving around Singapore. Transportation there is made to be easy and efficient.

But I apologize for not taking pictures. I was coughing very badly and didn’t have the mood to take pictures. Let’s say my hands were glued to a thin, contaminated tissue — that most of the time kept my mouth covered. (Laughs nervously)

No loss though…Saru-chan took lots of pictures and videos using his new Canon digital camera. If you really want to see what Sentosa Island is all about, go check his blog. I don’t think he has updated it yet but just stay tune?


Sheep has to make a move now.

[ . . . ]

Ah wait!

Let me introduce to you a new family member~! ↓

This is Chloee (who was previously called ‘Maggi’), a mixed breed dog. She is estimated to be around 1 years old. Her owner has been diagnosed of cancer thereby, unfit to keep Chloee . My mother does not mind keeping 1 more dog so we decided to adopt her last Sunday (16th May).

Haha, she likes me a lot and keeps following me around. By far she is very obedient and a good girl. Chloee really puts Auwlithe to shame!  (Laughs)

Well Auwlithe — It’s time you earn your rights to stay in this house and start obeying sheep!

Alright, sheep leaves now. <u__u>

Everyone — I missed you! \<∏A∏>/ (Cries)

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3 comments so far

1.  yue
May 18th, 2010 at 9:40 pm

i was thinking when will you blog again this morning~ =)

2.  dino-chan
May 18th, 2010 at 11:26 pm

YOKATTA you are back now!!!!
sick taihen deshita ne
Before my new sem begins, I had my sis’s cough virus.
;( Sis emitted to hospital while I rested at home for few weeks just like you

Rib cage itakatta D: I still can remember I force not to cough, waited for the RIGHT time to cough


;( bad bad weather ne

3.  Ms Aya
May 19th, 2010 at 9:36 pm

Dear Yue

Wow! Your thinking is so powerful that it moved sheep! (Laughs)

Sorry for the wait. (^-^)lll


Dear Dino-chan

Oh nuu! So has Dino’s sister recovered?
What a scary experience, having to get admitted to the hospital. At a time like this when there’s diseases like H1NI. (x__x) Kowai!

My cough could be because of allergy…Mendokusei desu! (-__-)

Dino-chan, kiotsukete ne?


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