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Your Brain’s Language

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Mood: Giggly

Mood: Giggly

The last time I met my uncle, we talked about something that somehow dug up an unrelated curiosity of mine. <^-^>lll

I had this curiosity since I was a little girl but never once asked anybody, “What language is your brain?”

You know, when we think, there must be a language we use to communicate with ourselves mentally. I’m especially curious about people who learned several languages; what is their primary brain language?

I brought this subject up to my uncle and asked what language does he use to translate his mind. He shrugged and said he does not think in words but in ‘images’ instead. When he has to speak out his mind, only then he starts finding words to describe his visual thoughts.

I asked if everybody shares the same thinking method as his. My uncle wasn’t certain and can’t speak on behalf of others but he said that perhaps this is why women are more expressive in their words compared to men because women think verbally whereas men are more visual in thoughts. <^-^>

The human mind is indeed very interesting as each individual has a unique mindset. Discussing about the brain can lead to an endless conversation — hold on. Scratch that… can lead to as far as your knowledge can take you.

Therefore, let’s narrow our scope to brain/thinking language. <—ω—>/

What language do you use to depict and converse with your thoughts? Or do you have a non-verbal method of translating your train of thought, similar to my uncle?


Well, I’m thinking that most people will say that they use their ‘mother tongue’ then again — come, surprise me! <^v^>/

As for what language is sheep’s brain?

Baa… <u_u>

My operating system is in American English (which have the tendency to speak in British accent) and — sheep’s brain is very talkative. (Laughs)

Now on a separate matter, I’m going to the job agency tomorrow. Mentally, sheep is not prepared to meet people at the same time, sheep feels she need to earn money for her family.


Oh please, a job that does not require sheep to come in contact with people. <;__;> (Tears)

Do you know of any occupation that has 0% social? *hopeful eyes*