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Mood: Drunk?

Mood: Drunk?


My mother bought me 2 bottles of Chinese health drinks, containing a bit of alcohol and I’m to take a spoonful twice a day — once in the morning and once at night. <´•ω•`>

It is said that alcohol is good for blood circulation and I really need to do something about mine because I can’t stand the constant vein-pulling and other malfunctions that I’m going through.

I can somehow withstand the awful taste but as for the alcohol?


A sip of alcohol is enough to flare my face and body up like I’m about to self-incinerate.

I just drank some awhile ago and now there’s a growing number of peninsular surfacing my skin

Heck — !

The world map is on me!

Now I’m wondering — Why do people drink alcohol, particularly those who party late at night?

What’s so sexy about getting drunk and patches of rashes all over the body?

It could be I’m the only loser who mutates on alcohol consumption then again — seriously, where’s the kick in alcohol?

For whatever the reasons are — Know that you can’t feed this sheep alcohol because she’ll get uglier than she already is and — if you tricked her into drinking alcohol — Be warned!

You won’t get an inanely kinky, sexually activated skank, INSTEAD — A very violent, destructive and furious Freddy Krueger. 

This is Ms Aya whose heart is pounding like a beat box and…about to retire for the night.

Night, folks.

Kids — Stay away from alcohol. <TAT>/