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Your Brain’s Language

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Mood: Giggly

Mood: Giggly

The last time I met my uncle, we talked about something that somehow dug up an unrelated curiosity of mine. <^-^>lll

I had this curiosity since I was a little girl but never once asked anybody, “What language is your brain?”

You know, when we think, there must be a language we use to communicate with ourselves mentally. I’m especially curious about people who learned several languages; what is their primary brain language?

I brought this subject up to my uncle and asked what language does he use to translate his mind. He shrugged and said he does not think in words but in ‘images’ instead. When he has to speak out his mind, only then he starts finding words to describe his visual thoughts.

I asked if everybody shares the same thinking method as his. My uncle wasn’t certain and can’t speak on behalf of others but he said that perhaps this is why women are more expressive in their words compared to men because women think verbally whereas men are more visual in thoughts. <^-^>

The human mind is indeed very interesting as each individual has a unique mindset. Discussing about the brain can lead to an endless conversation — hold on. Scratch that… can lead to as far as your knowledge can take you.

Therefore, let’s narrow our scope to brain/thinking language. <—ω—>/

What language do you use to depict and converse with your thoughts? Or do you have a non-verbal method of translating your train of thought, similar to my uncle?


Well, I’m thinking that most people will say that they use their ‘mother tongue’ then again — come, surprise me! <^v^>/

As for what language is sheep’s brain?

Baa… <u_u>

My operating system is in American English (which have the tendency to speak in British accent) and — sheep’s brain is very talkative. (Laughs)

Now on a separate matter, I’m going to the job agency tomorrow. Mentally, sheep is not prepared to meet people at the same time, sheep feels she need to earn money for her family.


Oh please, a job that does not require sheep to come in contact with people. <;__;> (Tears)

Do you know of any occupation that has 0% social? *hopeful eyes*

Mood: Drunk?

Mood: Drunk?


My mother bought me 2 bottles of Chinese health drinks, containing a bit of alcohol and I’m to take a spoonful twice a day — once in the morning and once at night. <´•ω•`>

It is said that alcohol is good for blood circulation and I really need to do something about mine because I can’t stand the constant vein-pulling and other malfunctions that I’m going through.

I can somehow withstand the awful taste but as for the alcohol?


A sip of alcohol is enough to flare my face and body up like I’m about to self-incinerate.

I just drank some awhile ago and now there’s a growing number of peninsular surfacing my skin

Heck — !

The world map is on me!

Now I’m wondering — Why do people drink alcohol, particularly those who party late at night?

What’s so sexy about getting drunk and patches of rashes all over the body?

It could be I’m the only loser who mutates on alcohol consumption then again — seriously, where’s the kick in alcohol?

For whatever the reasons are — Know that you can’t feed this sheep alcohol because she’ll get uglier than she already is and — if you tricked her into drinking alcohol — Be warned!

You won’t get an inanely kinky, sexually activated skank, INSTEAD — A very violent, destructive and furious Freddy Krueger. 

This is Ms Aya whose heart is pounding like a beat box and…about to retire for the night.

Night, folks.

Kids — Stay away from alcohol. <TAT>/

So Sheep is Blogging Again!

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Mood: Cranky

Mood: Cranky


I think my break from blogging was long enough. (Laughs nervously)

Well last week was pretty happening for me as there were many things going on.

First, I dyed my hair black — which didn’t turn out as I wanted. Sheep was going for the Darth Vader black but — it’s still brownish!

Saru-chan, a family friend came over to stay at my house for a few days. He failed to see any differences to my hair!

Perhaps guys just don’t pay attention to detail/physical changes? (Laughs)

On the contrary, it was hard for him to dismiss the existence of  my PS3! (Laughs) ↓

During Saru-chan’s stay, sheep was rather ill and had a very bad cough which inconvenience our conversation. This boy talks a lot so this time around, sheep couldn’t keep up. (Laughs)

As I’m typing this blog entry, I’m still coughing. My throat is so itchy and I really feel like turning my skin inside-out so that I may scratch it with a sand paper! Grr! <`A´>/

Worse, I can’t cough as I please because my rib cage is really hurting, thanks to the coughing and vomiting from the passed few days! <x__x>

Oh~~ Sheep so misses drinking her beloved cold, ice-blended drinks~~ The feeling of icy, chilled liquid gushing down the throat — Most to crave for — the TASTE! <`A´>/

You know when you’re sick, you can’t really taste your food, right?

Sucks man! \<`A´>/

Anyway, enough said. Saru-chan and sheep went over to Singapore and the choice of our destination was Sentosa Island~! ↓

[ Merlion - Singapore's symbol and mascot ]

We had a great time moving around Singapore. Transportation there is made to be easy and efficient.

But I apologize for not taking pictures. I was coughing very badly and didn’t have the mood to take pictures. Let’s say my hands were glued to a thin, contaminated tissue — that most of the time kept my mouth covered. (Laughs nervously)

No loss though…Saru-chan took lots of pictures and videos using his new Canon digital camera. If you really want to see what Sentosa Island is all about, go check his blog. I don’t think he has updated it yet but just stay tune?


Sheep has to make a move now.

[ . . . ]

Ah wait!

Let me introduce to you a new family member~! ↓

This is Chloee (who was previously called ‘Maggi’), a mixed breed dog. She is estimated to be around 1 years old. Her owner has been diagnosed of cancer thereby, unfit to keep Chloee . My mother does not mind keeping 1 more dog so we decided to adopt her last Sunday (16th May).

Haha, she likes me a lot and keeps following me around. By far she is very obedient and a good girl. Chloee really puts Auwlithe to shame!  (Laughs)

Well Auwlithe — It’s time you earn your rights to stay in this house and start obeying sheep!

Alright, sheep leaves now. <u__u>

Everyone — I missed you! \<∏A∏>/ (Cries)

A Break from Blogging?

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Mood: Sugar rush

Mood: Sugar rush

(Laughs nervously)

Sheep has been blogging very frequently, hasn’t she?

Haha…I think I should give all of you a break from this pesky sheep. (Laughs nervously)

Therefore from this week onwards, don’t expect any entries from PaperDiaries. <´•ω•`>

I’ll still remain active in Twitter and in the comments section.

With that said…


Blast off~! (Laughs)
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