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There were 3 waitresses surrounding a guy at the entrance. Sheep was sitting nearby with her mother and couldn’t help but to watch how they all were behaving.

It seemed as if they all knew each other already. Although I didn’t really understand what they were talking, I could tell that the girls were teasing the guy. Well, it was hard to tell what they were saying because of all the giggles however, I think it’s usually the case, right? When there is one guy and many girls, the guy gets the attention and lots of teases. <.___.>{?]

Judging by the girls’ body movements (shaking their asses, moving back and forth, ganging up on the guy…), I thought maybe they were flirting with him. <.__.>

Anyway, I then called one of the waitresses and asked for a refill for my drink. One left to refill my Coke, another followed and the girl who was left with the guy — well, she was lucky to have him all to herself!

Suddenly her voice changed into a much more proper behavior than her former giggly self. It was as if she became more serious and matured. (Laughs)

When the 2 others returned, she resumed to being funny and playful along with the girls. <^-^>lll

This lasted for some time until my mother called for the bill. 1 girl left to get the bill, 1 also left and the last girl — she was told to clean up my table but she didn’t come immediately. Instead, she hogged onto the guy and continued talking, this time in a different manner. How do I describe this manner? Baa…It’s like you want to let someone hear your ‘beautiful voice’ sort of thing I guess. (Laughs)

When I left the place, I told my mother about my observation and she said she kind of noticed them too. Also, she said the guy was quite good-looking so it’s no wonder the girls flocked around him.

Baa…That so? <=__=>

I heard his phone receiving smses throughout the time and that he kept checking them on the spot. Maybe there weren’t only 3 girls trying to tackle him at that time but there were more — via his phone.

So this is….the Courting game, ka?  <´•ω•`>

It seems so — competitive… <x__x>

Baa~ <^-^>

Initially, I wanted to blog about my frustration regarding the lil monkey boy living behind my house. But my rage has tamed down so I’m going to let it slip. Though I would like to say — There are some kids that you can adore dearly. However, there are those that you’d want to drown in the bathtub.


This is all.

Sheep shall blog again to everyone… ↓

…Once sheep is done with her 2nd DIY set~! (Laughs)

Speaking of which, I went to Action City today and it seems their DIY sets slightly differs from mine. The models are a little bigger than the one I made as well as more open. For a visual idea, please refer to Dino-chan’s blog post on her DIY which she bought at Action City.

In any case, you may want to try out the ones at Action City. Otherwise, perhaps there are craft shops that has more variety. <^-^*>/

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1.  Saruchan
April 29th, 2010 at 11:27 pm

The way those girls behave , is overly disgusting .. Really . I would never want those kind of “Fatt Hao fatt hao” kind (Manja manja , skanky cheap girly sissies)

LOL , what did the little kid do ?

2.  kioko
April 30th, 2010 at 5:38 pm

Well hmmm some irls are like that, right? Some just loves to group up together and attract attention from the guy(s)…now I am SO interested to know how that guy looks like :P

I usually go quieter when there’re guys around haha.. but I can be more talkative when my girl friends are around though^^
I have a BBQ party on Wed and all 3 guys that I like were there XDD

And yayyyy another DIY set! Have fun and show us more of your little creations ^0^

3.  dino-chan
May 1st, 2010 at 11:15 am

sou iu no otoko wa….~ saitei da!~
Good-looking always too proud of themselves ne~ mostly but not all.
D: Maaa… if the truth is like Sheep-chan said, I pity those 3 girls ne.
In Nando’s somemore =.= They too free deshitaka?

XD I bought another D.I.Y miniature set too LOL
this wan nicer. ;) more woods too lol

4.  lily
May 1st, 2010 at 3:24 pm

Haha… I hate those type of girls! They try too hard~~XD

Hey, but I bet the guy is enjoying the attention, right?!

This actually reminds me of that Justin Bieber guy who came to visit Australia. Hell, you should’ve seen all those girls outside the tv studio where he was performing. It’s like there is no end to them!!!

5.  Ms Aya
May 1st, 2010 at 11:21 pm

Dear Saru-chan

Funny la, those girls. The way they rotate their turns and start pulling out their tricks. Don’t guys like this kind of attention from girls? (.__.)

About that stupid boy, might blog about him another time…when he start to get on my nerves for real!


Dear kioko

Huwaa! kioko likes 3 guys!? Sugoi~~~ You have a very wide heart. (O_O)

Well…I didn’t take a good look at the guy…because he isn’t anywhere near my type. (Laughs) Gomen.


Dear Dino-chan

Dino-chan no iu tori da.
Konna otoko ga saitei da!
I don’t like this kind of guys! If he is single and has no one in heart, then it’s not so bad but if he does, it’s really cruel! (Tears!)

Ganbate, Dino-chan~ Sheep finished hers. What set did Dino-chan buy anyway? (.__.)


Dear Lily

It’s just funny how the girls can take turns to hog onto him. Hahaha…

How do celebrities handle their stampede of fans…? That’s a wonder… (-__-)lll

6.  dino-chan
May 1st, 2010 at 11:44 pm

I just wish the 3 girls good luck D: ~
T__T sorekara, my mom keep saying that population for females are rising lol ~~ compare to males…D: *gasp*

D.I.Y Japanese room desu! ^^

7.  Saruchan
May 1st, 2010 at 11:49 pm

I tell you larh … Normal “Sane” guys like us .. dun really like all those “fake” expressions. They are very cheap.

the kid? Lol .. I hope he din bully Auwilthe .

8.  kioko
May 2nd, 2010 at 8:01 am

Though one of them actually has a girlfriend already lol. I guess I fall in love TOO easily….(cause of the lack of guys in all my past years -_-)

9.  Ms Aya
May 2nd, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Dear Dino-chan

Maa…If they are serious about going for that guy, there will be lots of drama, desu ne?

So many girls, more competitors for us. (Cries) Sheep has no confidence that she can get a boyfriend. (;__;) O toshio?


Dear Saru-chan

(Laughs) Alrighty, I shall note that down.

..Yup..Kid keeps teasing and provoking Auwlithe. Good thing is this kid doesn’t always come outside but when he does, it makes me really want to grab him by his ears and let Auwlithe bite him. But the damn kid is so small and fast! My mum tried to confront him and scold him but he got away.

Sneaky kid…


Dear kioko

Well, it’s good that kioko has 3 guys to target. (Laughs) Sheep won’t mention this on FB at all, don’t worry. (^x^*)/ Lips are sealed –In this case, my fingers are locked! (Laughs)

10.  Saruchan
May 4th, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Lol , thats what little brats do … maybe you can catch him with some sweets and candies? .. lol . .that is so Pedo .

Why dont you unleash Auwilthe to that meddlesome brat !!

11.  Ms Aya
May 4th, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Dear Saru-chan

No, we purposely keep Auwlithe in the house whenever that kid comes out to tease him. Before my mother and I resorted to this, Auwlithe got injured while trying to go after that boy. As in, not chase him on the road but from the compound of our house, he tried to catch up but hit his leg against the rock.

Poor baby cried.


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