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There was an old man, maybe in his late forties or early fifties –  sitting beside my table.

I was very engrossed with my new book so I didn’t pay much attention about his presence and whether he was alone or not. <—ω—>

I only begun to realize his presence when I heard some sounds coming from his mouth. They weren’t words but sounds. How do I describe these sounds? No, not sipping on a beverage. More like slurping and playing your saliva kind of sound.

I turned my head to see who is this bugger to then find an old man, stoning and so fixated with what was in front of us. Curious at what got into him, I took a look at the same direction and saw a group of young girls at the counter.

There was one girl in particular who stood in his view, was facing her back to him and she wore a small tight blouse that fits her thin waist very nicely, and a very short pair of shorts.

My first thought was maybe he was disgusted with her dressing and exposure of too much skin. If she were to bend or tip her toes, we can all see her clam. On the other hand, he could be ogling her.

Anyway soon, a woman (I’m guessing she’s in her early forties) came over to his table, put her shopping bags on the table and sat down in front of him. She was plum, round, huge pair of bosoms, wore make-up and a very red lipstick.

She greeted him “Dear” and started asking him where are her things and stuff but his reaction was very slow as if still stoned. He went like, “Huh? W–what is it?”

And she carried on asking about some house matters and he just couldn’t seem to snap out from whatever he was thinking. Judging from the way she talked, she sounded like the domineering type of woman.

Shortly after the woman’s inquisition, they left.

[ . . . ]

I think the old man was ogling over the young girl and dreaming on the spot.

The minute the old couple left, the young girls quickly sat beside my table, happy that they gotten to sit on the cushion seats however, naive about what I was eavesdropping previously.

…Sheep wouldn’t want to sit on the same spot where that old man had his ass on. Naw!

Mood: Hyper?

Mood: Happy?


Now, to give the plants some time to grow and expand! Sheep can’t wait to grow an army of ferocious Sunflowers along the side!  <^ω^>/ (Laughs)

Also… ↓

Have to make sure this rascal don’t treat our garden as his restroom. If I ever see a pile of dog dung lying among the greens, I’ll bury him 6 feet under!

Well then, sheep is going off to play Biohazard5: Alternative Edition on her PS3.

Baa-bai~ <^ε^>/

PS: Thanks, Krayle-chan, for notifying sheep a mistake. <^-^>lll Sheep didn’t think it meant that way. (Laughs nervously)

Mood: Happy

Mood: Happy


Last Saturday, I meddled with my Internet settings! <x_x>

Since it’s Wee-Fee coverage and the technician did not set up the WEP to protect my Internet from being used by other households, I decided to adjust the settings myself which —wasn’t a very wise move knowing that I’m quite an illiterate when it comes to computers. <x__x>

No surprise there, I messed up and as a result, couldn’t come online until now. (Laughs nervously)

↑ Couldn’t sleep well. Supposed to read a book but ended up playing with the DigiCame.

Not being able to use the Internet for a few days is something I can bear but as for critical mistakes? It eats me up! <;__;>

I knew setting up the WEP isn’t going to be an easy task and that I should have asked the technician to do it for me — Wait a minute… I did ask the technician to do it for me!

But he kept assuring that no one else can have access to my house’s Internet. I took his word and the minute he left, I stood outside my neighbor’s house, tested using my Samsung Star and bullshit! I could log into my Facebook without any password needed!

Anyway, despite that the Internet problem has been solved — It’s still open to others who are living nearby my house. This is really making me very paranoid!

I’m sure you don’t like people leeching on your Internet for free, right? You pay the monthly fees and then somebody freeloads on you. I’m beginning to understand how Starbucks and hotspot cafes feel. <´•__•`>

Well, I’m really too scared to try anything right now so I guess my Wee-Fee is going to remain open until — Oh please! Someone help me! (Cries)

…Or hopefully none of my neighbors have computers and Wee-Fee coverage phones! <TAT>


It’s official~ Sheep is not very reliable when it comes to computer-related matters.

Oh, another thing I do stay away from is CHILI — spicy food.

It took me a very long time to allow myself to eat chili. In my primary school days, I never ate chili, curry and spicy food in general. I remember my family and friends tried so hard to make me eat my fries with Mcdonalds chili sauce. (Laughs)

I think I only started eating chili and spicy food when I was 15 years old. Scarcely though. I never once kept a chili in my mouth for more than 5 seconds let alone, swallow any. <x__x>

The reason I refrain from eating spicy food is because I can’t take the heat and my body heats up very fast. Then my face would flare up and everyone will must point that out without fail. <T_T>

(Laughs) As for now, I do eat curry but very mild ones. And if I were to eat spicy food, I rather eat when I’m alone so that no one has to see my swollen, ugly face. (Laughs) Same goes for crying! <^-^>lll

Oh, well. These are 2 of the things that sheep refrains from. Probably will blog more about it.

What about you? Are there any particular things and matters that you’d vehemently stay away from? <.___.>{?]

Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful

I — I — can go online — as when I like…finally…

After days of deprivation of the Internet…Though apart from blogging, tweeting and surfing on Poupee — I don’t do much…Still… 

Now that sheep can go online — Expect plenty of updates from sheep~! (in high spirits)

I don’t think I’ll be blogging lengthy posts but there will be updates! (Laughs)

Baa~! Oh yes…There’s a lake across sheep’s new home. <^ー^>/ ↓

The water…isn’t very clean however, it’s ok. No smell is good enough! <TAT>

I wonder if I can let my tortoise (kura and kura) go there for a swim.

“Won’t they go loose and get lost?” you ask?

Of course I won’t let them go amok as they like. I’ll tie a string around them and then let them swim. When it’s time to go home, I’ll just pull the string to retrieve them — like a kite. <^-^>/

[ . . . ]

But I don’t think I’ll ever try this because if anything happens to the tortoise, my brother will slaughter me! <;__;>

Baa~ <u_u> Guess that’s a pass.

And now — Sheep wants to drown herself in the song that she has just downloaded~

It’s called “Tooi Michi No Sake De”, ending theme song for InuYasha — The Final Act. ↓

If you happen to like this song too, click on this video and somewhere in the description, you will find the download link.

Got to thank this person for uploading the mp3! (Bows) m<_   _>m

De, sheep is going off~!

[ This photo was taken last week ]


PS: Bought this from WacoDeco. It’s a coin bank~! ↓

Sheep wants to collect more houses! <≥v≤>/