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Mood: Tired

Mood: Tired


A certain sheep went over to Singapore~

I’m very tired now but… I want to express my love for vending machines! ↓

I love vending machines! They are so awesome~!

Every time I see a vending machine, I get very excited just by looking at it. It’s so nice that Singapore has vending machines here and there. Some for drinks and candies.

Japan has lots of vending machines too~

↑ Taken by sheep in Japan, year 2007 around Autumn time.

Whenever I walk up to one, I would go through the line up of goodies and check the lights to see which are available and at how much. Also, whether it accept notes. But it won’t feel natural to pay with notes because I’d rather make use of my coins.

Anyway, then it comes to inserting the coins one by one. It does get annoying when the machine keeps rejecting a certain coin so always remember to bring extra coins in order to cheat the machine!  (Laughs)

After that…well…I’d probably choose the same junk despite the given variety but it’s just great to know there are options.

Press the button and voila~ Comes the “Ko-bank!” sound and I’d eagerly reach in my hands to collect my drink or candy. (Laughs)

Somehow, buying from a vending machine makes me happy…in a silly way if you think so. <´•ω•`>

Right now, I’m kind of wishing that there will be one at the park nearby. Then again, knowing Malaysians, we are champions in vandalizing public property… <_   _>lll

Perhaps I should station Auwlithe to guard that vending machine for me. (Laughs)


Sheep is done for now. <^ε^>

So…Do you like vending machines too? (Laughs)

↑ Bought this DIY handmade stuff at City Square for RM45.80.

Can’t wait to start assembling the parts! <^-^>/

What exactly is it? <.___.>{?]

Sheep will show everyone once she is done. For now, night-night~