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Mood: Gleeful

Mood: Gleeful

When I first got my Samsung Star, I couldn’t figure a way to activate the Wi-Fi for my Opera Mini.

Although I don’t quite mind the default browser, for some websites I prefer to get a compact and concise view which loads faster.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to connect my Opera Mini using the Wi-Fi!

Took me a bloody long time to figure this out. <x__x>

So those who would like to use their Opera Mini on Wi-Fi with their Samsung Star, here’s how. ↓

Your Opera Mini should be kept under the ‘Games and More’ folder so go there…

…and tap on ‘More’ and then ‘Connections’.

Here, you can choose the network of your choice. If you have never meddled with the settings here, probably by default, Opera Mini uses your service provider as the primary network to gain access to the Internet thus credit deduction.

Note that you don’t have to switch on your Wi-Fi. Just go to ‘Connections‘ and select your choice of network. However, do save the network before anything else.

Samsung Star is unlike Nokia phones (and probably other phones) whereby it will ask you permission whether you want to use connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

You have to set it first before opening Opera Mini.

I’m guessing that every application under the ‘Games and More’ folder will use the same chosen network.

Now once you are done choosing your network, open Opera Mini.

Let’s say, I want to go to Twitter…

After tapping on the link, this will appear. ↑

Select “Allow, ask once.”

If you have not set for Wi-Fi connection, then you have agreed to the chargeable cost of air time in order to surf the net.

However, setting it to Wi-Fi connection will not deduct your phone credit. Suppose you are unsure whether you are connected using Wi-Fi, click the ‘End Call’ button to check. You will see the Wi-Fi icon has been activated. ↓

See? Well, I can be very forgetful sometimes and forget to set the right profile so I have the tendency to keep checking. It would suck to find out a sum of credit gone, just like that. Sheep is paranoid, ne? (Laughs)

After that, here you go!

Feel free to surf on Opera Mini~ <^v^>/

By the way, if you normally use Samsung Star’s default browser to check your HOTMAIL, I suggest you go to their Mobile site instead of the full site.

Hotmail’s mobile site:

Checking your e-mail using the full site with your Samsung Star…can spit blood. <x__x>

Well, it’s up to you~♥ <^ω^>

Hope this guide is useful for you Samsung Star users~~♥ <^v^>/

PS: Expect your Samsung Star to restart when you are surfing websites with heavy content. <T_T>lll