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Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful

I — I — can go online — as when I like…finally…

After days of deprivation of the Internet…Though apart from blogging, tweeting and surfing on Poupee — I don’t do much…Still… 

Now that sheep can go online — Expect plenty of updates from sheep~! (in high spirits)

I don’t think I’ll be blogging lengthy posts but there will be updates! (Laughs)

Baa~! Oh yes…There’s a lake across sheep’s new home. <^ー^>/ ↓

The water…isn’t very clean however, it’s ok. No smell is good enough! <TAT>

I wonder if I can let my tortoise (kura and kura) go there for a swim.

“Won’t they go loose and get lost?” you ask?

Of course I won’t let them go amok as they like. I’ll tie a string around them and then let them swim. When it’s time to go home, I’ll just pull the string to retrieve them — like a kite. <^-^>/

[ . . . ]

But I don’t think I’ll ever try this because if anything happens to the tortoise, my brother will slaughter me! <;__;>

Baa~ <u_u> Guess that’s a pass.

And now — Sheep wants to drown herself in the song that she has just downloaded~

It’s called “Tooi Michi No Sake De”, ending theme song for InuYasha — The Final Act. ↓

If you happen to like this song too, click on this video and somewhere in the description, you will find the download link.

Got to thank this person for uploading the mp3! (Bows) m<_   _>m

De, sheep is going off~!

[ This photo was taken last week ]


PS: Bought this from WacoDeco. It’s a coin bank~! ↓

Sheep wants to collect more houses! <≥v≤>/