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Mood: A bit lively

Mood: A bit lively

Afternoon, cupcakes~!

Once again, I’m blogging to you — in Starbucks~!

Sadly I am still not able to blog (and tweet regularly) at the comfort of my new home because I still have no Internet connection! <´•__•`>

I must say, having no means to go online has driven me to sleep earlier these days. It’s a healthy routine of course, but I love my blog a little more than my sleep! (Laughs)

Anyway since I’m using the net here in StarBucks, I better update my blog. It has been stagnant for days already!

Sorry, pipo. Really sorry! <≥A≤>/

Therefore as an apology, here are the awaited photos of my new house — and bedroom~

I won’t reveal the front of my house for safety purposes. I wouldn’t want to have a horde of — steak lovers, preparing to barbecue sheep. Sheep has no intentions of being one’s meal!

So first off, let me show you my humble living hall~

Very homespun, nothing great. That’s why I love it~ It’s very comfy~

If you’re wondering how the front door looks like, it’s like this: ↓

There’s a bell attached by the side. I also have one outside my room so if you need to summon sheep, just ring the bell~ (Laughs)

Down here is the dining hall, which is after the living hall. There isn’t a wall to separate, so if you were to eat in the dining hall, you can still watch TV! Y~ay! ↓

Outside is the garden. We have a garden set where you can sit, have a drink or perhaps — read a book however, at the moment there is no floral view. (Laughs)

We haven’t planted the grass yet. (Laughs nervously)

And this is my dearest Auwlithe, enjoying his new home~

Let’s get back in the house! ↓

This is the cabinet that divides the dining hall and the kitchen. It’s quite messy and simply decorated. But this part is well-decorated~↓

It’s my collection of Sushi King items. (Laughs)

You know that Japanese restaurant? Every year when you apply or renew for a new membership card that entitles you to a 10% discount for each time you dine in, they will give you a freebie such as these.

These are my collection throughout the years of loyalty. (Laughs)

And now, I shall show you my bedroom~

I taken the master bedroom so I have an attached bathroom, which is very convenient!

Here onwards, sheep is going to be very thorough. There isn’t much to elaborate so please enjoy just the pictures~

My wardrobe ↑

Dressing table ↑

Play Station corner ↑

My bed. I’m not fond of big beds. Initially I wanted a single bed but since this one comes along with the set (dressing table, wardrobe and side table), I decided it will do. After all, it was a very good bargain~!

My study/computer table ↑

It has its own built-in lights. The papers you see clipped up there are receipts. It’s really convenient to clip receipts and memos up there!

As for night mode… (Laughs)

This is the atmosphere~! ↓

Baa~ <u__u>

For the time being, this is all I can show you. <´•__•`>

I wish to blog more but time does not permit sheep to do so. That said until I get my Internet connection at home, see you all -in this case, read your text- and catch up soon!


With love,

Ms Aya