Mood: Fatigue

Mood: Fatigue

Hay! <^▽^>/

This month, sheep is going to be very preoccupied and might not have time to blog regularly. Well, my new home is estimated to be ready by end of March so there are lots of things to do like packing, shopping, selling the unneeded furniture and other stuff. Of course, I’m going to bring Auwlithe with me! I can’t live without my baby! (Laughs)

By right, my family was supposed to move in last month however, the renovation work were done at a slow pace because of Chinese New Year; a couple of weeks gone to resting. Now that the holiday mood has subsided, the renovation is picking up fast! Y~ay! <^▽^>/

Those who are curious about where sheep is going to relocate herself, just know that sheep is still within her current state. (Laughs) Sorry, sheep really loves staying here than her hometown. <^-^>lll

Well, sheep will blog more about her new home once she has moved in. For now, let’s talk about fortune telling! <^ω^> (Laughs)

You know, forecasting your future and luck. I usually don’t think about wanting to know my future nor my past. I never had that curiosity. I mean — I used to read my daily horoscope but I got fed up upon reading “Love is coming your way” which — for 9 years straight — never happen. Think it was a cruel joke played on sheep… <TAT> (Tears)

Though I enjoy reading about personalities based on horoscopes. This — will get to this some other time. <^へ^>

As I was saying, I only begun thinking about it weeks ago, after my brother had the opportunity to consult a medium whom is quite renowned for her accuracy that even top notch people consults her wisdom and advices.

Anyway, my brother asked about his love life and how does his love looks like. (Laughs) I think this is a typical question that any individual would ask, right? Something about their love life.

Usually when people consult a medium, it’s either to learn about their wealth, health and love life — or all 3 combined. Another purpose could also be keeping in touch with their departed ones while some people may seek to learn about their past.

There are lots of different reasons to seek a medium — for the good or evil intention.

So I’m just thinking right now — Why do people wish to know about their future? It’s only a matter of time we get there, I should think. Is there something we’d want to prevent? I know some people are eager to make things fall into place thus they seek mediums for supernatural help. Or they need a sign for their next step in life? For some sort of assurance and certainty? Sheep has no clue! <≥A≤>/

But I can tell you! If sheep is ever given a chance to speak a clairvoyant (who is not a fraud and won’t charge sheep any fees *Laughs*), I would love to get true answers to the following questions that has always pique my curiosity:

  1. Does the Lochness Monster really exist? How does it look like? <.__.>{?]
  2. Who is Jack the Ripper and why did he kill the prostitutes? <.__.>{?]
  3. Where is the Ark of Noah? <.__.>{?]

[ . . . ]


Sheep is so lame…Yea… <¯へ¯>lll

As much as I’d love to know my love, how he looks like, where he is, what is he doing — I prefer he tell and show me himself than through the mouth of another. (Laughs)

Well then, reader-tachi~

If you could have 3 genuine answers about your past or future — what would you like to know and why do you choose those questions?

Suppose it is something you wish to keep as a secret then — let’s just talk nonsense! (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

Don’t tell me that you are eager to know when you’re going to die! Touchwood! Pff! No good! <TAT>/


Something I bought yesterday that deserves attention! ↓

So cute! It’s a musical carousel~! <^ω^>

Kya~~~! \<≥▽≤>/

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1.  kioko
March 4th, 2010 at 4:15 am

Please take care ^-^
And I shall look forward for you to come back and tell us all about your new home!
I moved to a new house two years ago, and it’s the prettiest flat I’ve ever been, not to mention 2 extra rooms hehe. I love all the refurbishments too! Any friend that come to visit me says my flat looks like one which house agency show to people lol.

I lovee reading the personalities bit of horoscopes too^-^

I dont think I wanna know about my future hehe. Life is fun when it’s full of surprises, ne? (as much as I wanna know when is my special one gonna appear too…)

AND SUCH PRETTY MUSICAL BOX!!! During xmas when I went to Hokkaido, we went to this HUGE musical box store and there’s such a pretty carousel one but it’s costly T___T (there’s a photo but I haven’t made my jap post yet ;p)

2.  Ms Aya
March 7th, 2010 at 4:33 pm

So tiring~ I just got back from the other house. It’s so hot and sheep is burning~

Can’t wait to move in and start anew! Also, sheep is going to put wallpapers for her room! (Bounces)

Does kioko also put wallpapers in her room?

Surprises are great. For some cases, I think knowledge ruins a person’s expectations. By that I mean — Maybe right now you’re bend on hitching yourself with this kind of guy. But after learning about your future which tells you that you will be with someone else, you might all the more reject and prevent it from happening. In other words, not prepared to know some things? (.__.) Baa~

eH~~ When is kioko ever going to post on her Japan trip!? Sheep wants to see Hokkaido!

It’s not exactly a box, just a musical carousel. It’s made out of wood. (Smiles)

3.  kioko
March 8th, 2010 at 11:22 pm

Awwww I am feeling a bit jealous of you, right here it’s still freezing cold with the cold wind constantly blowing on my face :/

Yayyy~~ new wallpapers!!! Pink coloured?
I dont have wallpaper, just white walls but it’s best to keep it simple, I think. I have a nice orange ceiling lamp though XD

I agree to what you say. Life is fun because it’s full of surprises, whether it’s good or not ^___^ If everything go according to plan, I don’t think life would be as fun. Like I often get excited when I meet new friends and found out that we have similar interests and really got along hehe

I know it’s not a box lol, but still it’s gorgeous

Ohh I came across to some very beautiful quotations lately (I LOVE QUOTES!) One of them is from a chinese video which I subbed here, and the other:
“It’s beauty that captures the attention, personality that captures the heart”

p.s. I am going to postpone it T^T Gomen, it’s my fault I didn’t write it during holiday so now I am too lazy to do it *is fail*

4.  Ms Aya
March 12th, 2010 at 1:49 pm

kioko, it would be very cruel of me to let you experience the heat here. It’s not like one of those hot season where it warms the skin — here, the sun tears the skin! You may have experienced worst heat but really — it burns. Sheep is very reddish now because of the heat! (Cries)

I haven’t chosen my wallpaper yet. Of course, it will be pink! (Laughs)

Thanks for the video, sheep shall watch it when she has the time. Sheep just got back from the house again. Now — tired! (_ _)lll

It’s ok. Take your time~ (^-^) *Cheers*

5.  kioko
March 12th, 2010 at 5:35 pm

haha I guess Malaysia is really boiling hot there~~

Don’t forget I am from a tropical country too (just not as hot as your country hehe) Summer is my fav season and as much as I hate the heat, I love the feeling of air-con blowing in my face, and eating ice-cream & cold drinks every so often (I remember going to paris with a friend of mine last summer, and we had at least one ice-cream cone everyday *giggles*)

I can somehow guess that xD

I guess I would make my post in Easter holiday then, it takes time to upload all the pics -_-

By the way recently I came across to a blog and found about this DoCoMo Chocolate phone O__O It looks so delicious…take a look here at my post ^___^

(I just cant resist japanese phones….but guess what that phone costs USD1200 on eBay!!!)

6.  lily
March 14th, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Ohh… lily wants wallpapers too.. but isn’t it expensive?? :(

7.  krayle
March 19th, 2010 at 6:48 pm

I hope your family didn’t have to pay more because of the delay (: will there be pictures? :D D

ne, seemingly the horoscopes are always very general so that they can apply to anyone. i think chris angel did a dud trick with horoscopes before, then acted as if he could read people’s mind and character and things. (i got bored of reading them too lol)

i can answer some of your questions!

1. loch ness monster was a hoax. officially.
2. my friend watched a documentary that managed to trace jack the ripper. he was a mental patient who escaped and killed women both in london and new york. they took a picture of him when he went back to the mental institution and did digital re-imaging, then compared it with a drawing frm an eye-witness accnt and it was exactly the same. he probably did it because his sick mind liked the gore.
3. ok this one i dont know. i asked my mom before and she said it existed but certain pple were keeping it a secret coz for some reason they dont want pple gg to sightsee it and things. o_O

i hope i was of some help! now u have more space to ask more questions! :D

8.  Ms Aya
March 20th, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Dear kioko

One ice-cream a day? Sweet~

Take your time. I’ll definitely check your blog time from time. And yes, I saw your blog post on that chocolate phone. So love it!!! Japan is really brilliant and creative in designing keitais (and many other stuff)!!!


Dear Lily

Wallpapers are expensive!
The one I chose for my room is of good material and can last for a year or so depending on how I take care of it. Urgh — but the price is very painful!


Dear Krayle-chan

You’re right. It’s too general! (-___-)lll
EH!? Lochness monster’s a hoax!? NUUU!
About Jack the Ripper, I thought he was a very skilled surgeon, that’s why he could dissect his victim diligently? Mmm…

As for the Ark of Noah — I guess it could have been discovered too and like your mother said, it’s kept as a secret so that people don’t go there. You know people, anything they can make a hype and profit from, they would go to such lengths.

Baa~ Krayle-chan has cleared my questions with some possible answers..Now sheep has to think of more questions in life!!!

9.  krayle
March 21st, 2010 at 12:02 am

Lol did Sheep-chan really want to go see the lochness? >< gomen ne!

well jack the ripper COULD have been a surgeon before he was trained. (: i dunno abt that, because my friend gave me a summarised version of the documentary with only the impt details!


10.  lily
March 25th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

lily is desparate 4 wallpapers!!! but now she’s broke… so :(

so exactly how much p/ metre??


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