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I Hate Old People

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I went over to my new house and it’s really near to completion! It’s possible that sheep will be moving out next week! (Rejoices)

I hope the next time I blog, it will be in the comfort of my new bedroom, surrounded with a lovely floral wallpaper~! (Laughs)

But I might not be able to blog next week because it’s going to take some time to set up the Internet and phone line. So I guess I better not let the blog be too idle, hence this entry.

Initially I thought of blogging a tribute to my current neighborhood and share with everyone good stories about my neighbors. Then again instead, I’m in quite a foul mood today and would like to vent my anger — about old people.

After this entry goes public, I can foresee that during my last day as a mortal — God is going to show me this entry and tell me this is why I’ll go to Hell. <_  _>lll

I can’t help it…I hate old people!

Old and wrinkly is fine. Overly talkative? That’s bearable. Forgetful? I can close one eye. Smelly? There’s perfume.

BUT — I can’t stand those who live in the past AND can’t stop condemning the current technology, methods and lifestyle!

Living in the past and disliking how technology helps the society is alright. Just shut up and stop forcing us to accept your opinions.

The major thing I hate about old people with this mentality is that they not only disagree but they force you to agree with them and worship their era. I don’t give a shit if they accept or put down my opinions however, they don’t have that neutral and understanding attitude. They always have to win!

And if their charisma can’t lead them to that cheap victory, they will start using their authority as a senior citizen that we youngsters should respect them no matter what shit comes out from their mouth.

Let’s take cellphones for an example. The elderly people that I know often talk trash about cellphones saying that young people spend too much time meddling with those little noisy bricks. I do agree that young people play with their cellphones too much that in times of family gatherings, they can’t stop smsing.

There was one commercial promoting Digi’s talk time which featured a family sitting at the dining table but instead of talking to one another, they were all talking on the phone, leaving the little girl who apparently has no phone, staring at her family members, feeling left out.

This is a very stupid commercial because it encourages people to spend more time talking to other people on the phone than your own family members. Furthermore, it’s rude to talk and play with the phone when eating with your family.

I understand and agree with the old folks that this is too much.

Then again, now that I think about it properly — I think I can understand why young people do that.

It’s because it’s difficult to talk to old people!

Everything you say, they will counter with their absolute experience and whatever you’ve been through is nothing compared to theirs. They don’t like to talk about NOW; they like to talk about BEFORE.

Even if they do speak about today, it’s just to condemn it.

You can’t voice your opinions because they think you’re too young (and dumb) to differentiate black from white and whether they are right or wrong, it doesn’t matter because you are half their age — you can’t say anything.

With that said, what’s there to talk? All you can do is listen.

But listening can pain your ears especially if you know what is right and wrong — in other words, think!

It’s like, “You’re wrong! It’s this! Not that!” but you can’t say it out because the old man is going to school you — which will pain your ears even more.

So what can you do when meeting them?

Play with your phone lo.

Pretend to be occupied so that you don’t have to talk or listen to their windbag of diarrhea lo.

I do that too. I would look at pictures of my Auwlithe because it’s so pleasant to look at him and think of him than listening to the old folks condemn about us young people. I rather let them believe I have no opinions of my own than to start a one-sided argument.

Speaking of one-sided, they are quite selfish. They will expect you to memorize all the things they like and hate but remember not your favorite things. When they do remember, they can’t exactly remember the name.

There are pros and cons to everything yet they keep stressing that their time was perfect and whatever they had were better. If so, why did they phase out then, dummy?

They want to say we are bad — the heck? In your time, people don’t commit crime at all?

You think you all so humble and simple? Please! Last time you all do bad things that people don’t even do now!

My mother told me stories of her childhood life and it shocked me to know that such things can happen. But I’ll save these stories for another time.

How about pedophiles? Old man’s crime.

One funny thing I find about this old folks is that — they talk trash about technology, and yet some of them uses high-tech gizmos.

If you bring their hypocrisy up to them, they would probably tell you, “Well, you don’t sell the manual thing anymore so I have no choice!”

True…And on they go with their complaints about how difficult today’s gadgets are.

It all the more proves this proverb to be correct: You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

They just refuse to learn. And they will give all sorts of excuses not to learn. Eyesight problem, physical disabilities — Whatever.

They want to say we young people can’t do manual things? Screw that! We can still learn; we aren’t that stubborn!

Whereas you old folks, give you a basic cellphone — I tell you — how long only then can you start sending out text messages or punch in a phone number to make a call — to the right recipient.

If your eyes are fixed with laser surgery, would you try looking to read instead of asking other people to read for you?

You see, some old people stop trying. I don’t give a damn about this nor will I loose any respect for them but I get really pissed when they become so egoistic and stubborn.

So flabbergasting! The more I think about this the more angry I get. Sometimes when I have to talk to this kind of old people, I always tell myself it doesn’t matter what they say, just use mind over matter.

After all, they are going to die soon anyway.

Sheep is really fed up. There’s one person with this attitude that I have to deal with every single day!

I wish to rant more but I think it’s wise to stop here. No point complaining here because it won’t stop this person from tormenting me. I did tell the person about how I feel but that person refuses to budge. What to do? As I’ve been ranting, this is the main shitty attitude that I can’t stand from old people.


By the way while I was half way typing this entry, my house had a short circuit and there was no electricity for awhile.

Could it be? God was trying to tell me not to post this entry? That I should repent and retreat my thoughts?

[ . . . ]

Can’t be helped. This is the truth — I hate old people. Not all old folks for there are some whom I enjoy their companionship — but those as said above are the ones I despise!