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Mood: Fatigue

Mood: Fatigue

Hay! <^▽^>/

This month, sheep is going to be very preoccupied and might not have time to blog regularly. Well, my new home is estimated to be ready by end of March so there are lots of things to do like packing, shopping, selling the unneeded furniture and other stuff. Of course, I’m going to bring Auwlithe with me! I can’t live without my baby! (Laughs)

By right, my family was supposed to move in last month however, the renovation work were done at a slow pace because of Chinese New Year; a couple of weeks gone to resting. Now that the holiday mood has subsided, the renovation is picking up fast! Y~ay! <^▽^>/

Those who are curious about where sheep is going to relocate herself, just know that sheep is still within her current state. (Laughs) Sorry, sheep really loves staying here than her hometown. <^-^>lll

Well, sheep will blog more about her new home once she has moved in. For now, let’s talk about fortune telling! <^ω^> (Laughs)

You know, forecasting your future and luck. I usually don’t think about wanting to know my future nor my past. I never had that curiosity. I mean — I used to read my daily horoscope but I got fed up upon reading “Love is coming your way” which — for 9 years straight — never happen. Think it was a cruel joke played on sheep… <TAT> (Tears)

Though I enjoy reading about personalities based on horoscopes. This — will get to this some other time. <^へ^>

As I was saying, I only begun thinking about it weeks ago, after my brother had the opportunity to consult a medium whom is quite renowned for her accuracy that even top notch people consults her wisdom and advices.

Anyway, my brother asked about his love life and how does his love looks like. (Laughs) I think this is a typical question that any individual would ask, right? Something about their love life.

Usually when people consult a medium, it’s either to learn about their wealth, health and love life — or all 3 combined. Another purpose could also be keeping in touch with their departed ones while some people may seek to learn about their past.

There are lots of different reasons to seek a medium — for the good or evil intention.

So I’m just thinking right now — Why do people wish to know about their future? It’s only a matter of time we get there, I should think. Is there something we’d want to prevent? I know some people are eager to make things fall into place thus they seek mediums for supernatural help. Or they need a sign for their next step in life? For some sort of assurance and certainty? Sheep has no clue! <≥A≤>/

But I can tell you! If sheep is ever given a chance to speak a clairvoyant (who is not a fraud and won’t charge sheep any fees *Laughs*), I would love to get true answers to the following questions that has always pique my curiosity:

  1. Does the Lochness Monster really exist? How does it look like? <.__.>{?]
  2. Who is Jack the Ripper and why did he kill the prostitutes? <.__.>{?]
  3. Where is the Ark of Noah? <.__.>{?]

[ . . . ]


Sheep is so lame…Yea… <¯へ¯>lll

As much as I’d love to know my love, how he looks like, where he is, what is he doing — I prefer he tell and show me himself than through the mouth of another. (Laughs)

Well then, reader-tachi~

If you could have 3 genuine answers about your past or future — what would you like to know and why do you choose those questions?

Suppose it is something you wish to keep as a secret then — let’s just talk nonsense! (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

Don’t tell me that you are eager to know when you’re going to die! Touchwood! Pff! No good! <TAT>/


Something I bought yesterday that deserves attention! ↓

So cute! It’s a musical carousel~! <^ω^>

Kya~~~! \<≥▽≤>/