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Hate it When This Happens!

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Mood: Joyful

Mood: Joyful

So–white and dusty.

I stood in the middle of a wide space, a place which I cannot give a name to because it was so unusual. It looked like a road in the middle of a town. At the same time, it looked like I was in a huge abandoned warehouse. However what seemed to be the corner of the land, there was a shop.

I chose to go there for that was the only place I could make sense out. As I approached, suddenly there were people emerging from the shelves which had books and tapes on. “They are probably staffs of the shop,” I thought as I browsed through the things that were on the tables.

There was a strange stair case, in which didn’t exactly seem like stairs because there were handles to climb as though, ladders. At the same time, I can’t really call them ladders because they looked like pipes on a slope. It was very odd. “How can I climb these things?” Curious about the passage above, I clutched onto the first handle and was about to lift my feet up.

A lady then approached me and asked what I was looking for. I puzzled for a moment thinking to myself that question until she finally ushered me to the other side of the place.

We took quite a walk to the other corner of the warehouse that seem similar to the other but somehow a lot more quiet and deserted. As we were walking, she told me about someone else who is to run the same business but it is failing because a scam was involved. Apparently, I know of that person.

It was a one-sided conversation for I was more interested in the surroundings than chit-chatting. The place was in a mess and pipes were carelessly placed on the floor. “Are they still building this place up?”, I pondered but never brought up the subject of the matter.

By the time I knew it, there was a table with CD’s and books laid out neater than I could imagine. After all, the place was in a mess. But thank goodness, the CD’s and books were in order.

I picked up a CD at random and to my surprise, it was the CD album that I’ve been looking for! I couldn’t believe my eyes to have easily have it in my hands. I picked up a few more to discover there were more CD’s of my liking. Though I was confused for I didn’t know they had various versions.

Just when I was about to buy it, I tasted blood in my mouth and felt my front tooth to be very loose. The lady asked me as though concerned about my wherebeing. I then showed her my back and removed that irritating loose tooth to later spit more blood onto the floor. The red stains really stood out like a sore thumb on the white floor.

Suddenly, I heard a voice calling. I couldn’t hear my name but I knew I was being called. Slowly, my vision faded and in that instant, I figured where I was.

I clutched on tightly to the CD hoping…hoping that it will come with me.

Darkness transmitted and the sound of a heavy downpour, I heard.


My eyes shot open. Mother was beside me and before she left, she told me Auwlithe came inside the house to look for me.

The first thing I did was look at my hands which was empty.

My face changed to → {!!!]


I started searching around the bed and couldn’t find it!

“Argghhh!!!!” The despair!!!!” <°д°>{!!!]

“My CD! My CD!!! Nuuuuuuuu!!!!!” <TдT>{!!!]

I slummed in agony for awhile. <_  _>lll

Then I touched my teeth and lick my mouth. “At least I still have my teeth in place,” I silently laughed to myself. <´•ω•`>


(Laughs) Dreams are weird. <_  _>lll

Some dream adventures are interesting and amusing whereas some are just plain annoying. Don’t talk about nightmares — they’re unwanted. (Laughs nervously)

This dream for instance, is the annoying type of dream which I dislike very much because when I wake up, I always find out that the things I bought or picked up are not in my hands! I couldn’t bring them with me!

Sometimes, I have very realistic dreams whereby I can’t distinguish whether it’s real or fake. The above was clearly a dream because the place and condition were so unusual.

Anyway, what sheep is trying to say — It sucks that when you thought you’re in reality and got some nice goodies, an object that you can only dream of (in this case, literally dream of) getting your hands on — let’s say — a dress or game CD that you always wanted then suddenly, you wake up and they are no longer in your possession. <_  _>lll


So annoying! <`A´>/


This is — the human mind. We can only comprehend that much. <´•ω•`>lll


[ . . . ]

I really want that CD… (Tears) <;__;>

De? What dreams do you consider to be annoying and unwanted? <.__.>{?]

Baa~ You might have already seen this on my Twitpic but anyway ~ In case you have not, here~

Sheep trimmed her front hair~♥! (Laughs)

I guess if I ever need to trim my front hair, sheep can do it herself. (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

Sorry ne, sheep hasn’t been snapping much photos of herself and other things. <´•__•`>