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Mood: Fatigued

Mood: Fatigued

「 Thanks to kioko and Dino-chan, I just learned that there is a second version to LG’s Lollipop, probably in the midst of launching in South Korea as we speak. ↓ 」

「 The information gathered by kioko and Dino-chan is quite limited at the moment so please rely on these bits until further notice. ↓ 」

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「 Sweet and lovely — don’t you think so too, girls? 」

「 Sheep has no idea about LG Lollipop 2′s whereabouts like whether it’s already launching in South Korea and whether we outsiders will get a chance to own one however… 」

「…if there are any news regarding the Lollipop 2, sheep will definitely share with everyone. Dino-chan and kioko will probably be keeping their tabs on this so let’s look forward to that! 」

「 All I have to say is — Damn you, LG for launching new awesome cellphones at such a speedy rate! By the time we get the first version here, TADA! Here comes the second version! Grr!

「 Having that said, what do you all think? I like the pink color one of course! (Laughs)

「 I’m guessing the guys are slapping their foreheads thinking, “Another girlish phone!? Oh puh-lease — stop it!” (Laughs)