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Eto—-What to Blog About?

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Mood: Bored

Mood: Bored

「 Oh dear…Shien Yi suggested to get myself an ice-cream and then I might start to get some ideas for blogging…Despite heeding to her advice, my mind is still very dry and empty! 」

「 Come on, sheepy! Think—Think of something to blog, damn it! 」

「 Ok…What about the current festive events? Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year? 」

「 . . . 」

「 Uhh….Screw Valentine’s Day. I spent the day chomping on food and pampering the fats around my tummy. As for Chinese New Year… 」

「 My uncle and brother came over. All we did was eat, drive around and get lost, eat, watch TV, eat… and eat! 」

「 Right now I don’t have the guts to step on the weighing scale. 」

「 Though…I am grateful that it has helped my bust to grow bigger and fuller. (Laughs)

「 Eto — So what is there for me to blog about? A subject that is friendly for all ages because in my previous entries, I realized it was quite perverted. 」

「 Aha~ That said, I shall blog a much more decent entry! 」

「 So think! 」

「 Thinking, thinking…Thinking…Work your brilliant mind, my dear! 」

「 . . . 」

「 . . . 」

「 . . . 」

「 . . . 」

AW COME ON! Don’t tell me I can’t even whip up a decent idea!? 

「 Guess I really have nothing in mind at the moment to share. Never mind then… 」

「 Sheep will strike again! 」

「 By the way ~~~ 」

「 ← I’m collecting these emoticons. The few that I have here are mostly from Deviantart. If you know where to get more of them, please let me know?  Please? 」

「 Sheep is asking you with a beautiful face which you definitely don’t have the heart to turn down! (Laughs)


「 For the time being, sheep is going to occupy herself with the book she just bought! ↓ 」

「 でわーーーBaa-bai~! 」