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Oh Bugger! That’s Gross!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood: Gleeful

Mood: Gleeful

I just watched a movie called “Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead”.

It’s an extremely horrifying and gruesome movie, so much so — I’m not going to give you fellas any visual aid about it.

Although I posted a picture on my Twitpic before thinking through the consequences about giving you nightmares…

Sheep is not that cruel to post a 500 x 800 pixels of a disgusting, blood drenching hillybilly who hunts and eats humans for a living! <`A´>

Anyway, those who enjoy this kind of sickening movies and have a strong stomach — you might enjoy this movie then and perhaps laugh throughout the show. (Laughs)

There’s just one thing I would like to point out — not just particularly this movie but in other movies as well. <T_T>

I noticed that when there’s nudity included in the movies, it’s usually only the women and hardly the men. I’m talking about full nudity as in total exposure, no clothes — bare skin. <OAO>

Maybe I’ve not seen many X rated movies yet to say anything.. <´.__.`>

Maybe people -boys and girls- find the female body more appealing than men. It’s like a deer vs a rhinoceros. Which would you set your eyes on? <.__.>{?]

Ah well…I do enjoy watching horror movies especially when I’m with the right company however — I really detest those that has explicit sex scenes. I find it more disgusting than the butchering and slaughtering of mankind!

Don’t get me wrong here! <TAT>

It’s just that — the kind of sex that movies portray are really gross. Such as — The Hills Have Eyes! You might have watched or heard of it before. Otherwise, google or Wiki it for more information.

I watched only the first movie and I was like…

Oh bugger! That’s gross!


After watching such a disgusting movie, I think I better look at a much more pleasant picture so that I can sleep without any disturbing thoughts. (Laughs nervously)

Sheep is done for now. <u_u>

Those of you who are underage, still schooling or — adults with pure minds, stay away from watching Wrong Turn 3 and its previous sequels.

Stay. Away.

Well then, this is Ms Aya the sheep — retiring for the day~

Ja ne~♥

PS: Just so I get to know everyone else better – what kind of movies do you like to watch? And what kind ceases your interest?  And what do you think about the movies nowadays? Too much sexual exposure? OR — Not enough!? (Laughs) < .___.>{?]