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Mood: Mercurial

Mood: Mercurial

!! GU-ROW !!


I’m single because…

  1. I don’t have much of a personality, intelligence nor am I pretty to look at.
  2. I have very low self-esteem which turns a lot of people off.
  3. I’m very fickle-minded to the point that it turns people off even more than my low self-esteem.
  4. I don’t mingle much with people.
  5. I’m like a fictional character.
  6. I’m very accustomed to my solitary life.
  7. I have a very shitty attitude.

[ . . . ]

…Gah! \<`A´>/

Guys, ask yourself why you are not my boyfriend? <TAT>

Is it because you don’t know me?

I’m far away?


Sheep is scary?

Whatever the reason is —

There you have it~ An answer~! Probably all the other guys are thinking the same as you do. It’s an unanimous opinion~

No, no — I’m not frowning as I’m typing this out. It’s just that my mind is unable to translate my thoughts into proper sentences. <´.__.`>

It’s frustrating and tiresome each time somebody ask me why I’m single and have yet to start dating.

Last time I could easily fall behind the reason that I’m still young however, I’m coming to 22 years old soon and it’s becoming harder for me to dodge. <´.__.`>


Whatever you think of me, just know that sheep is NOT: <TAT>

  1. A lesbian.
  2. On a quest to being a nun.

I don’t fancy the idea of losing my virginity to a sharp and manicured finger. As for being a nun? The word “Fuck” is part of my daily vocabulary and I wish to continue using it.

That said, this mystery is now officially — no longer a mystery! (Laughs)

This is the sheepish Ms Aya who is now — at ease. (Laughs) <^v^>/~

Baa~ Everyone, in case I don’t blog any sooner — Sheep would like to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day in advance. <—ω—>/

Too bad Tampoi Kura won’t be able to celebrate Chinese New year with my family. It passed away a few days ago. (Tears)

Nuuuuu! <;__;>

Now Leisure Mall Kura must be feeling so lonely in its tank. <;__;>