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Mood: Hyper

Mood: Hyper

Here’s a quick post~♥

[ Though I said I'll be away from the computer for sometime, in the end -- I just can't detach myself from the comp! Grr! ]

Baa! \<^ω^>/

Sheep is now a Poupee Girl~♥! (Laughs)

It’s a site and community where you can customize your avatar’s appearance, dress her up — basically it’s like playing with a doll. (Laughs)

In addition, you can post photos of your clothes and make friends along the way~ ↓. (Laughs)

I’ve been assaulted by Poupee Girl avatars and their clocks for some time already but never took any effort to check it out because I assumed it was a 100% Japanese-based site. However, the last straw that triggered sheep to check it out was when sheep read a post in Dino-chan‘s blog. (Laughs)


Anyway, ladies ~♥

If you like this kind of things, then give it a try~♥

It’s not entirely Japanese so no worries about getting lost in signs and symbols. <^-^>/

Once you get an account, add sheep and we’ll be friends there — ok? ↓

poupeegirl fashion brand community

As for the boys, well —- I don’t think there is a game like this for guys, right? <.___.>{?] (Laughs)