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Mood: Shaken

Mood: Shaken

Good evening~

This is sheep who received a forwarded e-mail which she think she should share with her fellow readers. <´•__•`>

It’s not a very nice piece of news, I must say.

This is regarding an incident that happened in 1U, a shopping mall located in Damansara Utama, Malaysia.

Though it happened there, the possibility of happening elsewhere may occur so I hope all the good and innocent people out there can be watchful of themselves especially in secluded areas like car parks and basements.

In this case, the victim was fortunate to escape unharmed. Thank goodness!

Here’s the content of the forwarded e-mail. ↓

Dear all,

You must have wondered why I asked of Carrie’s help to send the following message to all of you. Please take serious note in what I am going to tell you here. I would say that yesterday was a lucky day to me, if not, I wouldn’t be here alive to send this email out to you or to celebrate CNY open house to some of you who will be coming tonight.

I went to One Utama Shopping Mall yesterday after Tesco. Time was around 1pm. I parked my car at the old wing, B1 level near the Arena food court. I did a reverse parking and my car was indeed very near to the food court entrance. Those shoppers who went in and out can see me in

full view. Exact parking location was D4, in 3rd or 4th plot where the car turn in. It was indeed very close to the entrance.

As I came down from my car, I saw these 2 malay young adults walked towards me. I did not bothered at all cos I thought they were shoppers who want to collect their cars. I then went to the trunk to check on a bottle of clorox i bought in Tesco cos I was afraid the liquid may be spilt during the driving. It only took me a few second to put up the clorox bottle and then I closed the

trunk, I had not locked the car yet. Suddenly the 2 malay came very near me and took out a 1 foot long parang (a long knife use to butcher tree trunks) and pointed at me. I gave them my handbag. But that was not enough, they asked me to unlock the car and wanted me to go inside the car. They said “jangan bising, masuk

kereta, cepat.” (In English: Don’t make noise! Get in the car, hurry!)

At that point I was struggling, the car was actually still unlock. They commanded me a few times

to unlock the car, so in the moment of confusion, I pressed the button and I actually locked the car. They repeated their sentence asking me to unlock the car, and one of the Malay with parang was pushing towards the driver side.

In panic, I pressed the remote, this time the car was unlocked. The malay with parang then opened the car door trying to push me in. I looked at the situation, due the driver’s side car door was opened and there was another car parked beside my car, I only had a very narrow path to escape. Worse of all, I was afraid that half of my body might bang the car door and instead of running forward and out i would actually be pushed back

to the robbers who stood beside me.

I prayed very hard in my heart. Canny Ong’s case came into my mind. I can’t go inside the car, I kept telling myself, that was the worst thing to do. I prayed and prayed then I looked at the robber with parang, I noticed that he was looking down somewhere, the other robber was standing next to him. I saw the narrow path, I knew I must somehow get myself out of the path. In a split second, I seized the opportunity and run, thank God, somehow I managed to squeezed thru the gap and run out towards the crowd. I did not know how I did it.

Many people saw what happened to me. There was a lady grabbed me and tried to calmed me down. I do not blame those people for not doing enough to help me cos everyone was in panic and with a parang the robber can harm me in situation like that.

My husband and I then went to lodge report, I then asked of Carrie’s help to sent the following email first cos I did not know when I would be finishing lodging the reports with the relevant authorities. And some of you may be on leave today so you won’t be able to reach me via

handphone. All my money, mobile, credit cards etc in the bag were gone but my house keys which attached to the car key were still tightly clinched in my hand (this was another fortunate thing). I was still badly shaken inside even now. We reached home around 6.30pm after lodging

all necessary reports with Jusco Management and the Police.

Last night, we managed to talk to those top guns in the corporation and today we went into One Utama Jusco management office to view the CCTV. We all are in this together, we are trying to help out each other. Together with One Utama and Jusco management, we have formed a task

force to look into this serious case of robbing and kidnapping. Our main purpose is to make the shopping mall safer to all the shoppers like you and me in the future. What have happened was luckily not worse than what it can be…with all the “if”s… Inspector Zulmairi from Mutiara

Damansara told us that he has been handling One Utama Shopping Mall cases for long time and this was the first time he came across such serious case.

Please be extra careful and taking extra precautions wherever you are. I prayed that God keep

us safe under His wings. I actually prayed on the breakfast table that morning asking for God’s

protection from danger, harm and accident. God was listening.

To all of you who will be out with family and friends celebrating CNY or birthdays or gathering,

please watch out for each other. God bless you all.

Lay Pheng

(New mobile: 012 493 0237)

P/S: Do not spread news and tell people not to go One Utama cos that was not my intention and

spreading news like this will not help the situation. We will work together with the corporation to

push the security level to a higher notch. Prevention and tighter security measurement are what

we are after for. We do not want this to happen to any of you or your family member. I

am fortunate enough to be out of the situation, next victim may not be so lucky.

Off late, sheep has been hearing and reading crimes happening here and there. You may not feel much when reading from the newspapers or forwarded e-mails but it’s really terrifying to hear it from your friends and love ones who live nearby the crime scene!

It’s really a scary thought. (Tears)

Guuuuu! <;__;>

Auwlithe, Auwlithe!

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Mood: Giggly

Mood: Giggly


You naughty fella can’t sit still! 

Every time I make him sit, a few seconds later he gets up and walks around me!

It would be nice if he can learn to stay put…Otherwise this sheep might have to turn him into a statue~! ↓


[ . . . ]

Of course, sheep didn’t cast a spell on her beloved Auwlithe la. <—ω—>

That’s impossible!

See? ↓

(Laughs) My mother found a small dog figure that resembles Auwlithe so she bought it~. ↓

They look like 兄弟「siblings」。 (Laughs)

Baa~ <^ε^>

[ . . . ]

Baa! Don’t come here! <≥A≤>/

Hate it When This Happens!

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Mood: Joyful

Mood: Joyful

So–white and dusty.

I stood in the middle of a wide space, a place which I cannot give a name to because it was so unusual. It looked like a road in the middle of a town. At the same time, it looked like I was in a huge abandoned warehouse. However what seemed to be the corner of the land, there was a shop.

I chose to go there for that was the only place I could make sense out. As I approached, suddenly there were people emerging from the shelves which had books and tapes on. “They are probably staffs of the shop,” I thought as I browsed through the things that were on the tables.

There was a strange stair case, in which didn’t exactly seem like stairs because there were handles to climb as though, ladders. At the same time, I can’t really call them ladders because they looked like pipes on a slope. It was very odd. “How can I climb these things?” Curious about the passage above, I clutched onto the first handle and was about to lift my feet up.

A lady then approached me and asked what I was looking for. I puzzled for a moment thinking to myself that question until she finally ushered me to the other side of the place.

We took quite a walk to the other corner of the warehouse that seem similar to the other but somehow a lot more quiet and deserted. As we were walking, she told me about someone else who is to run the same business but it is failing because a scam was involved. Apparently, I know of that person.

It was a one-sided conversation for I was more interested in the surroundings than chit-chatting. The place was in a mess and pipes were carelessly placed on the floor. “Are they still building this place up?”, I pondered but never brought up the subject of the matter.

By the time I knew it, there was a table with CD’s and books laid out neater than I could imagine. After all, the place was in a mess. But thank goodness, the CD’s and books were in order.

I picked up a CD at random and to my surprise, it was the CD album that I’ve been looking for! I couldn’t believe my eyes to have easily have it in my hands. I picked up a few more to discover there were more CD’s of my liking. Though I was confused for I didn’t know they had various versions.

Just when I was about to buy it, I tasted blood in my mouth and felt my front tooth to be very loose. The lady asked me as though concerned about my wherebeing. I then showed her my back and removed that irritating loose tooth to later spit more blood onto the floor. The red stains really stood out like a sore thumb on the white floor.

Suddenly, I heard a voice calling. I couldn’t hear my name but I knew I was being called. Slowly, my vision faded and in that instant, I figured where I was.

I clutched on tightly to the CD hoping…hoping that it will come with me.

Darkness transmitted and the sound of a heavy downpour, I heard.


My eyes shot open. Mother was beside me and before she left, she told me Auwlithe came inside the house to look for me.

The first thing I did was look at my hands which was empty.

My face changed to → {!!!]


I started searching around the bed and couldn’t find it!

“Argghhh!!!!” The despair!!!!” <°д°>{!!!]

“My CD! My CD!!! Nuuuuuuuu!!!!!” <TдT>{!!!]

I slummed in agony for awhile. <_  _>lll

Then I touched my teeth and lick my mouth. “At least I still have my teeth in place,” I silently laughed to myself. <´•ω•`>


(Laughs) Dreams are weird. <_  _>lll

Some dream adventures are interesting and amusing whereas some are just plain annoying. Don’t talk about nightmares — they’re unwanted. (Laughs nervously)

This dream for instance, is the annoying type of dream which I dislike very much because when I wake up, I always find out that the things I bought or picked up are not in my hands! I couldn’t bring them with me!

Sometimes, I have very realistic dreams whereby I can’t distinguish whether it’s real or fake. The above was clearly a dream because the place and condition were so unusual.

Anyway, what sheep is trying to say — It sucks that when you thought you’re in reality and got some nice goodies, an object that you can only dream of (in this case, literally dream of) getting your hands on — let’s say — a dress or game CD that you always wanted then suddenly, you wake up and they are no longer in your possession. <_  _>lll


So annoying! <`A´>/


This is — the human mind. We can only comprehend that much. <´•ω•`>lll


[ . . . ]

I really want that CD… (Tears) <;__;>

De? What dreams do you consider to be annoying and unwanted? <.__.>{?]

Baa~ You might have already seen this on my Twitpic but anyway ~ In case you have not, here~

Sheep trimmed her front hair~♥! (Laughs)

I guess if I ever need to trim my front hair, sheep can do it herself. (Laughs)

[ . . . ]

Sorry ne, sheep hasn’t been snapping much photos of herself and other things. <´•__•`>

Mood: Fatigued

Mood: Fatigued

「 Thanks to kioko and Dino-chan, I just learned that there is a second version to LG’s Lollipop, probably in the midst of launching in South Korea as we speak. ↓ 」

「 The information gathered by kioko and Dino-chan is quite limited at the moment so please rely on these bits until further notice. ↓ 」

+… ↓

→  Click for more info

[ . . . ]

「 Sweet and lovely — don’t you think so too, girls? 」

「 Sheep has no idea about LG Lollipop 2′s whereabouts like whether it’s already launching in South Korea and whether we outsiders will get a chance to own one however… 」

「…if there are any news regarding the Lollipop 2, sheep will definitely share with everyone. Dino-chan and kioko will probably be keeping their tabs on this so let’s look forward to that! 」

「 All I have to say is — Damn you, LG for launching new awesome cellphones at such a speedy rate! By the time we get the first version here, TADA! Here comes the second version! Grr!

「 Having that said, what do you all think? I like the pink color one of course! (Laughs)

「 I’m guessing the guys are slapping their foreheads thinking, “Another girlish phone!? Oh puh-lease — stop it!” (Laughs)