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Sheep Wants to be Happy

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers
Mood: Mild

Mood: Mild

(Laughs nervously)

Here I am, blogging again. Seems like sheep has nothing else better to do, huh?

実話~ [Actually~]<^ε^>

Recently, I cultivated a new habit of jotting down daily notes and activities. <^-^>

↑ Year planner book by Thinkthing~

Since my memory is quite poor, I think it’s a good idea for me to note down the places I’ve been to and what time I wake up and go to bed. Also, I had better note down how much money I spend so that I can be more wise with money. <´•ω•`>

Then at the end of the week, I shall flip through to check my sleeping cycle and reminders. (Laughs)

But I noticed the mood section is so — sad. Especially this week because I mostly ticked the ‘Sad’ box. ↓

[ . . . ]

This — must change!

Sheep is not an emo sheep! <`A´>/

That said—!

With hopes or no hopes — from tomorrow onwards, sheep must be happy~! <^v^>/

!! ROAR !!

It doesn’t matter if no one makes me laugh. I must not rely on other people and I have to seek for my own happiness! <OAO>

!! ROAR !!

Ok then — Now that I got this off my chest, sheep can now peacefully resume to reading her book~

After this entry, sheep won’t be blogging for some time because currently my eyes are very vulnerable and using the computer is making it worse. Therefore, I would like to keep myself away from the computer as well as video games for a period of time.

I will still read your comments and your blogs through my phone. I will also tweet but just don’t expect any prompt replies from sheep.


Sheep won’t absent from the blog too long so don’t worry. Consider this as a break from reading sheep’s nonsense. (Laughs)