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Mood: Languid

Mood: Languid

This worry has been ongoing for almost a year now. I realized my vision isn’t as good as it used to be but I thought I could be imagining stuff and that it is just a temporary matter.

But lately, it seems to have worsen! I can still see but I have to narrow my eyes and look really close to read. <=__=>lll

At first, I thought of the possibility that I could have somehow lost half of my brain and as a result — sheep becomes slow in processing images into information. Or I simply don’t concentrate enough. <´.__.`>

Anyway just to be sure, I went to the optical shop not long ago to have my eyesight checked. <´.__.`>

The lady asked me to look –with one eye each– into this machine and then in a few minutes, she handed me this slip. ↓

Well…My face went blanked because I know squat about what the figures mean. She didn’t explain to me what the figures meant and just informed me that I’m short-sighted. <´.__.`>lll

But seeing that the numbers look small, I then said cheerfully, “Oh…It doesn’t look serious~ Does this mean I don’t need glasses?”

Then came her reply, “If you want — also can!”

Here’s where I got irritated. I asked her at what number do I need to start wearing glasses and is this just a temporary symptom because I really am not sure about my eyes and whether glasses are necessary in my case. <`A´>/

In answer to my questions, she just kept saying, “If you want — also can!”

In the end, I came out of the shop with nothing in hand. Instead, I felt so stupid and silly because perhaps I’m just being overly paranoid about my eyesight and — the questions I asked might have sounded stupid to her. <´.__.`>lll

Either way, I think my eyes are ok… <^-^>lll


Oh~ On a different note, sheep went to Singapore today~! ↓

↑ Sembawang | Sheep ↓

Haekyeong was right. Lollipop has already arrived in Singapore~! ↓

I saw the display set outside one of the phone shops. But I’m not sure if they have the actual phones because last time when Ice-cream was first launched in Malaysia, the early buyers had to book and wait for weeks to get hold of the actual phone.

Baa… <u_u>

Once again, another crappy entry by Ms Aya the sheep. (Sigh)

Sheep is very depressed. <´.__.`>lll

The Sheep is Rotting

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Mood: Languid

Mood: Languid

This is the author of PaperDiaries… ↓

…who looks like a disoriented sheep at the moment because she finds combing to be such a chore! <´•ω•`>

Baa~ I’m a sheep だから~!

Anyway, here are 2 of my latest artworks~

About the first drawing, it’s Dion Castlock (again). This time, I tried designing a new outfit for him. I think the old attire looks quite stale and boring. However, this one is also not very good, ne? I’m bad at drawing clothes…and backgrounds too.

The wordings are lyrics from this song called ‘Late Show’ by Garden which is used for Saiyuki Burial’s opening theme song. (Currently my favorite song~) <^x^>/

You can listen part of the song here. ↓

Baa..The blond guy has been my favorite bishie since 2002~! (Laughs) Genjo Sanzo is his name. <^ω^>/


As for the next piece — Well..It’s just a simple drawing. <—ω—>


Sheep wants to retire for the day now. I foresee that tomorrow is going to be a long day therefore — ample rest is needed. <—ω—>

I’ll check and reply all your comments later on, ok? <.__.>{?]

Hopefully I can whoop a juicy entry as soon as possible too~ (Laughs)

Oh well~ Nighty-night, folks~ <^v^>/