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Mood: Normal

Mood: Normal

For today’s dinner, my mother and I went to Friday’s~

It’s a restaurant cum bar and they mostly have steaks, burgers and sandwiches. <•ω•>

↑ The environment~ Lots of American antique decorations and balloons. <^v^>/

We took a seat and checked out the menu. Well…I had a hard time choosing my food. I wasn’t being picky over beef or chicken but more like — choosy over the price of the food. Yes, it’s very expensive! \<`A´>

Just the steak and 2 side dishes can cost up to RM52.00+ — and that’s per meal. I wanted to eat steak so I didn’t bother to check how much the sandwiches and burgers cost. Anyway, I decided to choose based on price so I quickly scanned for the cheapest one available. The minute I saw RM29.90 (which was the cheapest among the other steaks), I instantly wanted to order that but luckily I stopped because — it was lamb steak. <x__x>

Sheep is not fond of lamb meat. Not surprising, right? <=__=>lll

After flipping the menu a few more times, I finally decided to try out the New York strip — as seen below. <^ε^> ↓

Yummy~ I admit — It’s very delicious and the meat is so tender and juicy~

However… <.__.>

I’m not very good in using the fork and knife to cut so…

I had a very hard time cutting the steak into small pieces. <_  _>

I cut…Cut…Cut…Cut…Saw the knife back and forth… <´•ω•`>

[ . . . ]

Until my steak became like this. ↓

[ . . . ]

[ . . . ]

Disgusting, right!? <OAO>

It looks as if I chewed and spitted the food out! <≥A≤>/

There goes the initial presentation. From a decent piece of steak reduced to…Blueekk. <;__;>

Now I’m very clear on why my brother dislike to eat steaks and Korean barbecue. It sucks to work for your food!

<_  _>lll Next time, I’ll get something that I don’t have to struggle so much just for a damn bite!

!! ROAR !!


Well then, this short blog post is brought to you by a certain sheep who has very poor culinary skills. (Laughs nervously)

Ergo…Please don’t take me out to steak houses and fine dining restaurants. Watching me handle my food might make you vomit in the process. <;__;> (Tears)