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Mood: Talkative

Mood: Talkative


Today, I put on make-up! I applied a bit of foundation, powder and lip tint on my sheepish face~! ↓

Therefore, please don’t get the idea that I have flawless skin based on the photo above. It’s make-up; a mask. (Laughs)

In fact right now, my skin is in a very horrible condition. There are lots of tiny pimples popping all over my face and it’s scarily red! <OAO>

I wonder…Is this because of the chocolates I’ve been eating excessively or the scorching hot weather — OR both? <´•ω•`>lll

Anyway as you can figure out, this is why I applied make-up today. Also partly because I don’t want people asking me questions like, “What is wrong with your face?”, “Why is it so red and sore?” and so on.

Speaking of which, don’t you just hate it when people ask you stupid and touchy questions especially regarding your physical appearance?

I get lots of annoying questions about my physical appeal; the kind of questions that makes me want to answer with my fist.

Such as:

“Why are you so thin?”

“Why is your face like that; so red and sore?”

“How come I can see your veins?” ← What the fuck!?

“Why is your teeth like that?”

“Why is your hair so fine and thin?”

The answers are not hard to fathom out — I’m born like this!

The thing about these people is they pick out the most hurtful, touchy areas to press on which people don’t like to talk about.

Who enjoys narrating why they are fat, ugly and not perfect? Who likes to talk about their defection which they are born with?

And it’s not like these inquisitors want to help you. They’ll just say, “Oh..I see.” and do nothing while there are others who would carry on pressing on your flaws and annoy you to the fullest. Some may even give you negative remarks to hurt your feelings on purpose! Somehow they always have the eyes to spot your flaws but say nothing about the good points you have, notice that?

Sure, we can tell the person to shut the fuck up. However he/she will defend by saying “I was just asking! Don’t have to be so touchy! Sheesh!” thus making you feel guilty for being too sensitive over such a harmless question.

I wonder why they ask that kind of questions. What can they gain from it? I understand that sales consultants will be delighted to know why your face is pimply because it’s so that she can sell you a product. As for friends…

Here are my assumptions: ↓

  1. They are really concerned about your well-being.
  2. They meant to insult you. They can’t bring themselves to do a frontal insult so they use innocent, apparently harmless questions to hint you. [Eg: "Eeeyer! Why is your nose like that?" (It's ugly)] Then like cowards, they hide behind the “I was just asking!” cry.
  3. Hurt your feelings by letting you know they discovered your flaws or weaknesses.
  4. A topic for them to gossip about.
  5. Amuse themselves by awaiting what kind of answers you can give them.


If they are genuinely concerned, you can somehow tell that they are. On the other hand, you know who is trying to tick you off on purpose.

I think this is something universal. In every group of friends, there’s at least one douche bag that everyone hates because he/she is so annoying. Whenever that douche bag is seen approaching from afar with that stupid grin, one of you would alarm the rest of the members, “Pss! Fucking (Insert name here) is coming!”

And then everyone starts grumbling and rolling their eyes.

I have no idea why some people keep a douche bag in their circle of friends when they hate that person so mighty much. Perhaps it’s like what Dane Cook has said — that douche bag is just there for everyone to hate the guts out of him.

As for me, I like to break away from people whom I can’t get along with for I really can’t see a point in keeping them. Not to say I want friends with benefits but rather I want friends whom I can talk to easily and not ought to attack me.

Oh well, this is life. <u_u>

Thank goodness I haven’t been around these kind of people off late. I no longer am bothered by them nor think a slightest bit about them. However, I heard that a certain somebody out there still bitches about me.


I guess all of you have your share of moments with these kind of people, ne? <^-^>lll

Anyway, today — I went to try on some dresses~! ↓

I like all of them however, they are too expensive! One piece is about RM100+!

<OAO> !! e.rai.kot.cha !!

So I ended up going home without any new clothes. (Laughs nervously) At least I got a new book to read~

Baa~ <´•ω•`>

Alrighty~ Sheep has to go now. My donuts are waiting for me~ (Laughs)


May I know what questions do you consider to be stupid and annoying? Let me know so that next time, I know what not to ask. (Laughs nervously)

Sheep is not perfect and might get carried away sometimes. <^-^>lll

PS: Do I look like a cat? A couple of people said that I do. <o_o> Nupo!