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Back to School, Children!

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Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful


This is sheep who is feeling hyper and gleeful at the moment~

By far, I’m getting good vibes that this year will be a good year for me. I’m most positive it will be provided I move my ass and start doing something rather than wait for fortune to bestow upon me. I have not told you about my resolution for this year, right? Well, I’ll tell you another time. <´•ω•`>

Right now, I want to write about my ‘Back to school’ stories~

Today I went over to Singapore for a short while and saw lots of students flocking around. <o_o>

↑ Sheep was here!

It then occurred to me that school has already begun! Yikes! <OAO>

Ah~ School days. I started reminiscing the fond memories I had during my high school days. About a couple of weeks before school opens, I would get phone calls from my schoolmates and they would discuss where to meet up, what to do, which uniform to wear and even whether they should tie their hair or leave it to hang loosely over their shoulders. Yea..Girl talk.

And then I’ll go through my books and stationery set to make sure I have everything I need because it would suck to get scolded on the first day of school. Now that I think about it, I never had any Literature books before. My mother never bought them. <OAO>

So I always ended up borrowing from my schoolmates or rely on the notes given by the teachers. Until today, I’m not very clear about the Jekyll[? ←Not even sure how to spell the character's name!] and Hyde story, Pasir Salak[?] and the Phantom of the Opera. It’s a damn wonder how I survived my exams. <0_0>

I’m still wondering why my mother never bought those books for me. <T_T> I asked my brother and he said all he can think of is — the books were not important. <T_T>

Well, I think I got scolded a lot of times for not having those books. <u_u>

Anyway, during my school days — I usually drink Campbell’s mushroom soup for breakfast. ↓

My favorite is the Mushroom potage soup~ Sometimes I’d take Chicken soup or Alphabet soup too.

Oh ya..Back to school means back to eating canteen food! (Laughs)

And school uniforms. Oh damn, I hate Malaysia’s school uniforms! If I have a picture of myself in my old uniforms, I’d show you but unfortunately, I don’t have any. In my time, cameras were not as easily available as today.

For those who are clueless on how Malaysia’s school uniforms are like, please refer below. ↓

I found this while googling but that’s not all I discovered. Apparently a couple of years ago, a group condemned the school uniforms worn by the government school students (above picture ↑) and said those uniforms are only encouraging rape and sexual attention.

[ . . . ]

What the fuck?

Look at the girl’s uniform..

Tell me — how on earth can a student look sexy in that!? <OAO>

My goodness! You can’t even look smart in those!

While googling, I stumbled upon a couple of blogs which illustrated how stupid this accusation is.

You can read them up here if you like: ↓

As for my opinion…

Not long ago, I blogged about clothes issues, remember? (→Blog entry here←)It doesn’t take skimpy clothes to be a victim to rape or molestation. Rapists are sickos. They even target women who are fully covered or physically disabled therefore, it does not matter what you wear or how you look like. They always project you naked and a hole for their joystick. And it’s not our fault, women. It’s them!

Say…About our uniforms then..

The uniforms are downright ugly la. I know there is a borderline between fashion and decency however, the uniforms are ugly and definitely has not sex appeal. Although it’s ugly, it’s still decent. I know there are a couple of ‘fat hau’/flirty students who unbutton their blouse a little bit and roll up their sleeves but I don’t think it’s enough to make a guy tremble in erection. No way!

I was just thinking about some people’s fetish for school uniforms. I can understand the Japanese adopting this fetish because their school uniforms are really fashionable and seductive in some ways. The girls probably keep their school uniforms as a momento of their youth and after marriage, they might even wear it from time to time to spice up their sex life.

But for us Malaysians, I don’t think we do that. I mean — Kinky women would rather get their school costumes from 18SX shops or those Shinjuku fashion boutiques. Otherwise, no way in hell do we ever want to get in our blue pinafores or baju kurung.

What? Do you think your husband will be thrilled to return home after a hard day’s work to see you in that?

On your behalf, I don’t think you’d find yourself sexually appealing either!

Anyway…Still..I wonder how that group could come up with the theory that our school uniforms are sexually arousing. It’s not like the fabric very thin until the body figure can be seen through. Furthermore at that age, their bodies are not fully grown yet.

Very dumb…

Oh well, welcome to Malaysia. <x_x>

Baa~ <u_u>

It’s about time I wrap up this entry. School-going students, please study and behave yourself in school. Don’t bully other students and please line up when you’re buying food in the canteen! <≥A≤> (Laughs)

This is a direct message from Ms Aya the sheep. Baa~! <^v^>/

As for those who  already graduated from school, what are you doing now? And how was your high school life like?

Were you a popular kid? The braniac? The sporty? Or like me — the lil sheep. (Laughs)