Mood - Cheerful!

Mood - Cheerful!


How was your Christmas!!!? <^∇^>/~

Did you have a good time with your family and friends?

No? Perhaps you aren’t one who enjoys this kind of merriment that requires you to visit your relatives and talk about the goodness of sharing and caring. In lieu, you prefer to hang out with your good buddies in your nearest pub, get drunk and countdown until a whole new year arrives! (Laughs)

Now that Christmas is over, we have one more celebration around the corner which is — welcoming a new year, 2010~ \<—ω—>o

Well by then, sheep hope that she doesn’t fall sick. It’s weird. I think it started about 2 days ago. I picked up a very foul smell in my house. At first, I suspected a rat could have died somewhere but when I asked my mother, she said she didn’t find any dead creatures. Otherwise, Auwlithe would be the first to spot it.

How do I describe this smell? <.__.>

Well… It’s a combination of… ↓

It really stinks!

Mother thinks it has to do with my own imaginations in which I think it’s a very stupid idea. Why the hell do I want to imagine a smell like this? I rather imagine a much more fragrant scent of course! I’d also imagine being with Sephiroth, Byakuya, Homura and all my favorite bishies while I’m at it! <`A´>/

Anyway, the smell is still lingering and following me. I guess I’m having a flu or something. Goodness, sheep feels like vomiting!

I felt the urge to vomit in church just now but held back because— I received the body of Christ (in a form of bread) a few hours ago. (Sheep is Catholic by the way)

Of course I can’t just vomit the Bread of Life out, can I? Sheesh! <≥A≤>/


Sheep seems to also have other health concerns but don’t be alarm — “It could just be my own imaginations.”


That aside, I want to write a little bit on a couple of products~

I’ve been using this body butter for months already. I think this is my third jar so far. It’s really nice to use. Normally when I use a product, after I’ve finished it I would try out other brands however, I’ve been consequently using this particular brand. For one thing, it doesn’t have that sticky feeling.

Another, it has a very sweet smell~ (so sweet that it overwrites the dead rat+mushroom fungus in porridge smell)

Sheep applies this religiously after every bath!

You know, when you apply some creams or lotions, it sticks onto your skin making you feel greasy. However, this body butter is quite ok if you apply a reasonable amount; so that it can absorb quickly.

It’s made with Bee’s Milk and apparently, bee’s milk is good for maintaining a youthful skin[?]. You can go ahead and Google for more information on Bee’s milk because for all I know, cosmetics will make all sorts of promises and nonsense.

Despite that, here I am — using these products. Why? Simply because I’m a girl. <_  _>lll (Laughs)

Back on track… <T_T>

You can find this body butter in Watsons (Malaysia outlets only). There are 3 types: Lotion, hand cream and body butter.

The body butter cost about RM15.60.

Eto…If I were to rate Be Gorgeous’s Body Butter, I’d give it a 7/10.

Up next…

SuperHeadz.Tokyo camera~

This is a film-based camera by Lomo-people. It’s like a normal camera whereby you look into the viewfinder and then snap a picture with a single click.

The cover material is made of rubber. There are several other colors available however, only white is made out of plastic because if it were to be of rubber material, it can get dirty very fast and hard to clean it.

But what’s special about this camera is that it is not battery-operated.

The usage is very manual as in you have to rewind the film yourself in order to snap the next picture. With that, you can fathom that there is no flash light or any digital functions such as playbacks and video recordings.

It is a very simple camera. I bought it because I miss having an old type of camera. In my childhood, my family were unable to take many family photos because we couldn’t afford a camera. And when we somehow do take pictures, I remember getting all excited to wash the films and see the pictures.

Although now I have a digital camera and a good cellphone camera, I just thought it’ll be nice to have a camera like this…So nostalgic~~! <^ε^>/

[ . . . ]

Alright, alright! <TAT>

My hands were itchy that day and felt like buying something! <≥.≤>/

Sheep was hanging around Action City and came across this cool stuff which was selling for RM119. I saw many other cool cameras in different forms: Key chains, little books — awesome gadgets!

Baa~ <u_u>

I have not tried taking pictures with it yet but once I do, sheep will post the photos up — definitely~

Oh, do take note: You cannot transfer photos from this camera to the computer!

What a waste, you think?

Baa~ We all waste our money in many ways.

<_  _>


[ . . . ]

Good night! <^-^>/

Reminder: A few more days and sheep will be closing the votes. Who has not voted, please do so at this entry. Thank you~<^∇^>/~

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7 comments so far

1.  kioko
December 28th, 2009 at 1:48 pm

Nowadays people seem to love going back to the basics lol.
Technology is never-ending, everyday new products are being invented so perhaps simple things are better for life,
Hope you have fun with your camera!

I used to use ones from “The Body Shop” but then my friend recommended one that is far much cheaper, and as nice. It’s called “Johnson’s dreamy skin body cream”, which contains moonflower fragance and smells ever so nice^-^ I applied them almost every night before I sleep hehe (picture here)

And hopefully you can get rid of that digusting smell soon!

2.  Ms Aya
December 29th, 2009 at 7:18 pm

Sheep is waiting for the sunny sun to beam. Apparently, it takes better pictures under the sun. (^-^)/

Johnsons brand. I like using the baby oil~ Particularly apply on my knees and elbows. Good for cracks! I don’t think I’ve seen cream here — yet. Baa~

Thanks for the concern. I went to see a doctor today. It seems sheep has sinus infection. Guuuu…. (Cries)

(pesters) Where are you updates on your Hokkaido trip~~? (^v^)

3.  kioko
December 29th, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Yayy^___^ same, i thought pictures look nicer under sunlight. Flash always make pictures look more artifical lol.

Ohh yess I used to love the Johnson’s baby powder thing (those u sparkle on your body after taking a shower? ) ^^ Oh I guess that body cream is only available in the UK then …
Actually I am obsessed with creams hehe, ohh do you do masks? Recently I bought this yoghurt flavoured masks thing which smell so nice hehe!

Awwww please get well soon! Infections are annoying..

Lol, it’d be another looong wait but you can read about my pretty new boots here

4.  kioko
December 31st, 2009 at 10:51 am

Reply your comment in my blog:

I love the TV programmes in Japan, and every once in a while a CM with one of my fav idols will appear T^T

Thanks^__^ ~~ I am studying in UK so my new boots will be of good use, cant wait to wear them! HK is not that cold as well…lets look forward to pretty summer sandals then!

I dont want to study~~~ *cries*

5.  krayle
December 31st, 2009 at 11:36 am

Sheep-chan… you do realise that when you expose film to any amount of light before it’s developed, it will not be able to be used anymore right? o_O

but anyway i am back! i’m so sorry that i haven’t been visiting your blog, it all began when the deadlines in sch started coming in >< *applauseee!!*

6.  Ms Aya
December 31st, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Dear kioko
You could have replied in your own blog, silly~!

Ya, Japan’s TV programs are entertaining~ I like their commercials but I think if you were to watch in the hotel, the channels are limited?

i~ya! Go wear your boots and study!

Dear Krayle
It’s ok. I read that you are sick. Still not feeling well?
Anyway, welcome back~ (Hugs)
Eto — I didn’t know that too much of exposure can damage the film. I mean — I know too much of something is not good but didn’t think it’d be that sensitive. Thanks for making sheep realize this. Now I have to be more careful. (Laughs nervously)

7.  krayle
January 4th, 2010 at 10:36 am


that’s why i got a shock when i saw the picture of your opened up camera. >< i guess we'll find out when you develop the film? *laughs nervously* anyway i'm feeling much better now!

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