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Mood - HAPPY

Mood - HAPPY

Look!!! <ºAº>/

I bought the dress~! ↓

It’s mine now~!\ <≥ω≤>/ (SQUEALS)

There was one other dress which I also like however, it’s too short. If I were to bend a little bit — [ . . . ] not a pleasant sight of course. <´•ω•`> (Laughs nervously) ↓

Besides, the red dress is already so costly therefore I shouldn’t be too greedy. <^ε^>lll

Oh ya~! <ºAº>/

Here’s a tip about choosing clothes before leaving your house:

Suppose you are going out for just a drink or a light meal, then it’s alright to wear tight clothing. However if you foresee that you are going to be pigging out at the dining table, I suggest you wear a much more bulky attire. For example, a baby doll dress or blouse.

You certainly don’t want to fill your belly carelessly when you are wearing a tight fitting dress because — your bloated stomach will be very obvious. Unless you are the type whose stomach’s always flat. <^-^>lll

Baa~ <u_u>

This is… The happy sheep who is about to takes her leave~

— だがしかし! ↓

↑ There were 2 big sized women sitting beside me this afternoon in Coffee Bean. When they got up and took their leave, a 10 cents coin was left behind.

“The hen laid 10 cents…”, was all I could think of. <.__.>

– Baa-bai!

Quiz: Whose quote does this belong to? → “Oh, it’s the bitch in the red dress..”

Clue: Name starts with K _ _ _ _ _ _ from R___________.

Mood - Blank

Mood - Genki

Good day, people~!

We are now in December, which is the final month of 2009! Also, probably the most happening and festive period of the year~!

We have long school holidays, Christmas and the year end countdown. Not forgetting birthdays as well!

*Happy birthday to all the Sagittarius and Capricorns out there!*

Speaking of Christmas, to add some spirit to PaperDiaries, I switched on the ‘Snow Plug’ so you’ll be able to see snow falling here —- It’s not virus, just so you know. <^x^>/ (Laughs)

Those who are using WordPress, I think by now you should be able to activate this function too. <^▽^>/~

Anyway this afternoon, I was at the toys section and while browsing through, I felt rather nostalgic. Although the toys are slightly different than those from my childhood, I still had the sense of akin to them. <^-^>

I noticed there are lots of digital and electronic toys today such as Ben 10 and Gundam. In my time (towards the end of 90s), there were more action figure toys like Transformers and toy soldiers. Kids who got one of those computer learning toys were considered as rich and fortunate. (Laughs)

Well…When I was a kid, I wasn’t in that bunch of fortunate kids. Besides, I didn’t like educational toys. Sucks man. <`A´>/ I just wanted tiny little things to lug around — like Polly Pocket. (Laughs)

Now, you can possibly find little brats running around with a high-tech cellphone in their little palms…Makes me want to snatch the cellphone from their hands and hand them a Peter and Jane storybook instead.

That aside… <u_u>

My memory is a bit fuzzy so the only most memorable Christmas disappointment was when my aunt gave me a dress as my Christmas present. I felt unfair that she gave me a dress while the other children had better stuff. It was a red checkered dress, if I’m not mistaken, she sew it herself. At that age, I was not interested in clothes; I wanted toys! I didn’t really like that dress so I hardly wore it.

In a few years time, cancer took her life away. And only then I saw the beauty in that dress she had given me. But sadly by the time I started to appreciate it, my body could barely fit in. Thereafter, whenever I see red checkered dresses, I would think about that little dress and my late aunt. <T_T>

Also, it’s the only pattern in red that I seem to adore.

Looks like the most disappointing Christmas present I had was not as bad as I thought it was, ne? In exchange, a new taste was born.

That said, did you have any bad Christmas moments?

What kind of things you were given that you didn’t want?

Oh! <OAO>{!!!]

About my well being concerning the previous entry, sheep is feeling rather cheered up — many thanks to those who have been supporting me and worrying on my behalf. Sheep is alright now. <—ω—>/

I did lots of drawing to keep my mind away from bad thoughts and in attempt to redeem my worth. (Laughs nervously)

Beneath are the drawings I did in the passed few days. ↓

[ Click on the thumbnails to enlarge ]

scan0002Scissor Sally from the BackJulius MonreyLaughs NervouslyZaraki and YachiruKoiya Cha-InDion=Castlock

I know they aren’t good enough to be bragged about but I’m just thankful to be able to draw something. By the way, the picture titled ‘Laughs Nervously’ was drawn with my right hand. <^-^>lll

Very crooky… <_  _>lll

Sheep has to go now. I foresee that I’ll be blogging again soon~

So please stay tune and let’s keep our spirits as high as the sky!

Christmas is coming!

2010 is coming!


PS: I saw a really nice dress last week! It’s red in color and it’s really, really gorgeous! But I didn’t buy it because it’s too expensive! Plus, too long and — sheep thinks she isn’t pretty enough for the dress.

As a revenge…I drew it! ↓


I thought that after I drew it, I should feel contented but in lieu, I’m more tempted to buy it now. Nupo! <≥A≤>/!