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Mood - Silly

Mood - Silly

This might come across as a silly entry but I don’t care. I’ve decided to write a message to my 2010 self. That’s right, I’m writing to my future self! (Laughs)

Without further ado~ <^ε^> ↓

Dear 2010 Sheep,

How are you? I’m trying to picture what kind of clothes are you wearing now. A space suit? A futuristic attire? Nay! That’s absurd! It has only been a year. However at this rate and our carelessness towards the environment…it’s possible that we will have to start wearing protective suits in time to come. How sad…and tacky! <≥A≤>/

By the way, are your boobs any bigger? (Laughs) It would be nice if they have grown fuller however, I hope they are not illegal — get what I mean? <OAO> (Laughs)

Right now, I’m thinking about your well being..whether you’re happy and contented with the way things are going for you.

“Are you any closer to your dreams?
Have you fulfilled your hair of revenge?
Is Auwlithe still fat and grumpy?
Are you living in the new house now?

How are the neighbors there? Friendly and warm?
Have you been visiting Aunty Sebasti and her family?
Do you still keep in touch with Nic and Fe?
What cellphone are you currently using?
Have you made any true friends?
Are you seeing anyone special?

…Are you still as lonesome as ever?”

Well, I know I won’t be able to get your answers immediately. It’s going to take a year to finally get those questions answered. But don’t worry, I’ll patiently wait for your reply for I know, it takes time for those answers to take place.

In this letter, I can only tell you how is it like to be ‘me’ right now, who is 21 years old and still calls herself a sheep. (Laughs)

I have no complaints being me because I’m very comfortable with the way I am. Although not many people agree with my behavior and resentment towards humans, I’m able to dismiss their disapproval and carry on living with myself let it be if I’m alone.

I always believe that no one should force themselves to hop on the band wagon just because everyone else is doing it. People lose themselves when they do so. Also, they have to live with such a pretentious life. <TAT>

Anyway, for your sake — I hope you have found peace in yourself and able to live without any guilt and insecurity by now. Most importantly, live your life well. Do good no matter what.

One more thing: Please continue to blog at PaperDiaries even when no one is supporting you. Blogging has become a hobby that you enjoy so much. It would be a waste if you stop because of other people’s influence. <u__u>

Well, on top of all that has been said, I hope you are living a good life and by now, have someone special to hold dearly to. Though I don’t encourage you to be in a relationship yet. I think one year of acquaintance is still too green. Let’s wait for another couple of years, shall we? By then, we can start interrogating 2011 sheep! <^v^>/ (Laughs)

Before I end my message, it seems there are a few more messages from your friends. ↓

* Names are concealed for protection

I’m not sure if there will be messages from your blog readers as well but by any means, please read them with an open heart~

Thank you and see you soon~!

Hugs and kisses,

2009 Sheep

Reminder: This message is scheduled to be unearthed on the 19th December 2010, night. (Laughs)

While Waiting…Blog!

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Mood - Bored

Mood - Bored

Hay, pumpkins~

I’m in my brother’s place now, which means — my poor Auwlithe is all alone at home!

But not to worry, I’ll be going back tomorrow~!

← My poor doggie. <≥_≤>

Too bad I can’t meet up with Nic. You do remember her, right?

In July, I went on a road trip with my friends, Nic and Fe.

Speaking of which…I still owe you all one entry regarding my last road trip with the girls. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the photos with me so I can’t blog about it. Not to say I can’t but — without photos, it will be very lucid, don’t you think?

Oh well..For now, I can spare you 2 photos. ↓

From left to right: Fe, sheep, Nic.

Taken in a resort somewhere in Lumut, Perak.

Left to right: Sheep, Nic, Fe. (This photo was done by Fe)

Over all, we had a good time. (Smiles)

I’m very happy that we still keep in touch. For the sake of a healthy friendship…

I want this to carry on until our next reunion! <^v^>/~


[ . . . ]

Right now, sheep is quite sleepy but she can’t sleep yet because she has to wait for her brother to return. <≥◊≤> (Yawn)


I should play more Tekken until my brother returns. ↓

↑ [Taken some time ago. This is how sheep looks like when playing with her PSP. Full concentration!]

By the way, those of you who have not voted in the previous entry, please do so~

Click here to take your votes → 

Speaking of the survey, why is it that the votes don’t tally? <.__.>{?]

Some of you are being secretive about where you come from! <`A´>/

※ → If your country is not stated in the list, please select ‘Other’ and type in your country.

Anyway, sheep won’t force you for your input. <u_u>

Baa~ Sheep is very liberal~ (Laughs)

Hu~waaa~~~ <u__u>

I’m off. Baa-bai~ <^v^>/

[ . . . ]


[ . . . ]

HAH! \<≥A≤>/



[ . . . ]

Fe is so going to kill me. <x_x>

Survey for PaperDiaries

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Mood - Bubbly

Mood - Bubbly

Greetings, sweeties~!

I have a favor to ask from you all and I hope it won’t be much of a burden. <´•ω•`>

It’s coming to the end of 2009 and I would like to do a short survey concerning your: gender and country. Well, it’s an annual routine that I’d like to cultivate. (Laughs nervously)

It’s very fast and simple~

Thanks to Polldaddy, you don’t have to type out your particulars in the comments’ section. You just select your answer and clicky ‘Vote’ — it’s done~

For those of you who have been reading in silence (and wish to still be hidden), your identity will remain anonymous — or shall I say, ‘Ninja mode’. (Laughs) So don’t worry about that.

With that said, please do the survey~ m<_  _>m ↓

※  ↓ If your country is not listed in the following poll, please select ‘OTHER’ and don’t forget to type in your country’s name in the provided space.

I would appreciate if you also give some suggestions on how to improve PaperDiaries. That would be lovely and of much help however, please do not feel impel to do so, ok?

Many thanks and adieu~

PS: The surveys will close at midnight (sheep’s timezone) on the 31st December. So please give in your surveys before then~

PPS: In my later entries, sheep will be constantly reminding and urging you to take the survey. It will come across as annoying but please bear with me until I can find a way to make this a sticky post so that I don’t have to loop about it. <TAT>/

The Sheep Wanders

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Mood - Tired

Mood - Tired

Smile~Biscuits and cookies! *Yes, I’m addressing you readers as biscuits and cookies!*

Today~Sheep went over to Singapore for a day. At first, I was contemplating whether to hang out in Vivo City or Orchard road. Also, what to wear? <.__.>{?]

I thought of wearing my new red dress but chose not to in the end because I foresee that I will be doing lots of walking and I might feel uncomfortable later on. As for where to hang out, finally I decided to go to Orchard road. <—ω—>

Upon arriving Orchard road, I became confused for a moment. <@_@> ↓

“Ion shopping — what? I don’t remember such a mall…”, I pondered. <.__.>{?]

Today’s outfit~: ↑

It took me a quater of an hour to find my way out of the shopping mall. When I got out, I was greeted by a huge Christmas tree. I then studied the surroundings and tried to figure out where I was. I noticed a bit of changes in the roads and pedestrians’ path. <T_T>

Just when I was thinking, “How do I get across to the other side?”, a foreigner approached and asked me the same question. <`A´>/

Bull’s eye! She hit me on the spot! <@_@>

Though sheep was a little bit frustrated, somehow I was able to point out the way. (Laughs nervously)

Well, my adventure in Singapore this time is about the same as the previous trip. Sheep wandered around aimlessly. I intended to go to Ngee Ann City[?] and walk to Bugis however… ↓

I think I took the wrong road and ended up elsewhere. <x_x> (Gulps)

So overall, nothing much other than:

  1. I went the wrong direction
  2. Got caught under the rain and sun
  3. Hurting my feet
  4. …and hunting for turkeys in which I failed to get any! <`A´>/


By the way, when I got home…My neighbor saw me and commented that I should be doing modeling. She asked, “What are you doing here? You should be modeling!”

Heh…This is another bull’s eye moment because incidentally, I was approached by someone from the modeling/commercial agency before I left Singapore. <_  _>lll


Currently I’m into Tekken 6. I won’t say I’m an avid player because until now, I still can’t seem to grasp the story (though I noticed that the Mishima family has this thing for throwing their family members off from high grounds in every sequel). My interest for the game grew after I discovered Sergei Dragunov, a kick ass character~. ↓ (Laughs)

Sergei Dragunov~. <^ε^>

NB: He’s not a Nazi! He’s Russian!

If you have been following sheep’s Twitter, then this news is not fresh-from-the-oven to you.

Ah well…

For the fun of it, here’s a short video of sheep playing Tekken 6~. ↓

[ . . . ]

Don’t laugh at me! <≥A≤>

I know — sheep is such a nooblet. (Laughs)

Despite that I always use the same character and do the same stuff — I find the game to be thrilling. <^-^>lll

Hu~waa~~ <u_u>

Alrighty…This is Ms Aya the sheep..who doesn’t seem to have interesting stories to blog — reporting out!

PS: Sorry Sachi-chan and Sand — for not taking many pictures. <;__;>