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While Waiting…Blog!

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Mood - Bored

Mood - Bored

Hay, pumpkins~

I’m in my brother’s place now, which means — my poor Auwlithe is all alone at home!

But not to worry, I’ll be going back tomorrow~!

← My poor doggie. <≥_≤>

Too bad I can’t meet up with Nic. You do remember her, right?

In July, I went on a road trip with my friends, Nic and Fe.

Speaking of which…I still owe you all one entry regarding my last road trip with the girls. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the photos with me so I can’t blog about it. Not to say I can’t but — without photos, it will be very lucid, don’t you think?

Oh well..For now, I can spare you 2 photos. ↓

From left to right: Fe, sheep, Nic.

Taken in a resort somewhere in Lumut, Perak.

Left to right: Sheep, Nic, Fe. (This photo was done by Fe)

Over all, we had a good time. (Smiles)

I’m very happy that we still keep in touch. For the sake of a healthy friendship…

I want this to carry on until our next reunion! <^v^>/~


[ . . . ]

Right now, sheep is quite sleepy but she can’t sleep yet because she has to wait for her brother to return. <≥◊≤> (Yawn)


I should play more Tekken until my brother returns. ↓

↑ [Taken some time ago. This is how sheep looks like when playing with her PSP. Full concentration!]

By the way, those of you who have not voted in the previous entry, please do so~

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Speaking of the survey, why is it that the votes don’t tally? <.__.>{?]

Some of you are being secretive about where you come from! <`A´>/

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Anyway, sheep won’t force you for your input. <u_u>

Baa~ Sheep is very liberal~ (Laughs)

Hu~waaa~~~ <u__u>

I’m off. Baa-bai~ <^v^>/

[ . . . ]


[ . . . ]

HAH! \<≥A≤>/



[ . . . ]

Fe is so going to kill me. <x_x>