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Survey for PaperDiaries

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements
Mood - Bubbly

Mood - Bubbly

Greetings, sweeties~!

I have a favor to ask from you all and I hope it won’t be much of a burden. <´•ω•`>

It’s coming to the end of 2009 and I would like to do a short survey concerning your: gender and country. Well, it’s an annual routine that I’d like to cultivate. (Laughs nervously)

It’s very fast and simple~

Thanks to Polldaddy, you don’t have to type out your particulars in the comments’ section. You just select your answer and clicky ‘Vote’ — it’s done~

For those of you who have been reading in silence (and wish to still be hidden), your identity will remain anonymous — or shall I say, ‘Ninja mode’. (Laughs) So don’t worry about that.

With that said, please do the survey~ m<_  _>m ↓

※  ↓ If your country is not listed in the following poll, please select ‘OTHER’ and don’t forget to type in your country’s name in the provided space.

I would appreciate if you also give some suggestions on how to improve PaperDiaries. That would be lovely and of much help however, please do not feel impel to do so, ok?

Many thanks and adieu~

PS: The surveys will close at midnight (sheep’s timezone) on the 31st December. So please give in your surveys before then~

PPS: In my later entries, sheep will be constantly reminding and urging you to take the survey. It will come across as annoying but please bear with me until I can find a way to make this a sticky post so that I don’t have to loop about it. <TAT>/