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The Sheep Wanders

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Mood - Tired

Mood - Tired

Smile~Biscuits and cookies! *Yes, I’m addressing you readers as biscuits and cookies!*

Today~Sheep went over to Singapore for a day. At first, I was contemplating whether to hang out in Vivo City or Orchard road. Also, what to wear? <.__.>{?]

I thought of wearing my new red dress but chose not to in the end because I foresee that I will be doing lots of walking and I might feel uncomfortable later on. As for where to hang out, finally I decided to go to Orchard road. <—ω—>

Upon arriving Orchard road, I became confused for a moment. <@_@> ↓

“Ion shopping — what? I don’t remember such a mall…”, I pondered. <.__.>{?]

Today’s outfit~: ↑

It took me a quater of an hour to find my way out of the shopping mall. When I got out, I was greeted by a huge Christmas tree. I then studied the surroundings and tried to figure out where I was. I noticed a bit of changes in the roads and pedestrians’ path. <T_T>

Just when I was thinking, “How do I get across to the other side?”, a foreigner approached and asked me the same question. <`A´>/

Bull’s eye! She hit me on the spot! <@_@>

Though sheep was a little bit frustrated, somehow I was able to point out the way. (Laughs nervously)

Well, my adventure in Singapore this time is about the same as the previous trip. Sheep wandered around aimlessly. I intended to go to Ngee Ann City[?] and walk to Bugis however… ↓

I think I took the wrong road and ended up elsewhere. <x_x> (Gulps)

So overall, nothing much other than:

  1. I went the wrong direction
  2. Got caught under the rain and sun
  3. Hurting my feet
  4. …and hunting for turkeys in which I failed to get any! <`A´>/


By the way, when I got home…My neighbor saw me and commented that I should be doing modeling. She asked, “What are you doing here? You should be modeling!”

Heh…This is another bull’s eye moment because incidentally, I was approached by someone from the modeling/commercial agency before I left Singapore. <_  _>lll


Currently I’m into Tekken 6. I won’t say I’m an avid player because until now, I still can’t seem to grasp the story (though I noticed that the Mishima family has this thing for throwing their family members off from high grounds in every sequel). My interest for the game grew after I discovered Sergei Dragunov, a kick ass character~. ↓ (Laughs)

Sergei Dragunov~. <^ε^>

NB: He’s not a Nazi! He’s Russian!

If you have been following sheep’s Twitter, then this news is not fresh-from-the-oven to you.

Ah well…

For the fun of it, here’s a short video of sheep playing Tekken 6~. ↓

[ . . . ]

Don’t laugh at me! <≥A≤>

I know — sheep is such a nooblet. (Laughs)

Despite that I always use the same character and do the same stuff — I find the game to be thrilling. <^-^>lll

Hu~waa~~ <u_u>

Alrighty…This is Ms Aya the sheep..who doesn’t seem to have interesting stories to blog — reporting out!

PS: Sorry Sachi-chan and Sand — for not taking many pictures. <;__;>