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Mood - HAPPY

Mood - HAPPY

Look!!! <ºAº>/

I bought the dress~! ↓

It’s mine now~!\ <≥ω≤>/ (SQUEALS)

There was one other dress which I also like however, it’s too short. If I were to bend a little bit — [ . . . ] not a pleasant sight of course. <´•ω•`> (Laughs nervously) ↓

Besides, the red dress is already so costly therefore I shouldn’t be too greedy. <^ε^>lll

Oh ya~! <ºAº>/

Here’s a tip about choosing clothes before leaving your house:

Suppose you are going out for just a drink or a light meal, then it’s alright to wear tight clothing. However if you foresee that you are going to be pigging out at the dining table, I suggest you wear a much more bulky attire. For example, a baby doll dress or blouse.

You certainly don’t want to fill your belly carelessly when you are wearing a tight fitting dress because — your bloated stomach will be very obvious. Unless you are the type whose stomach’s always flat. <^-^>lll

Baa~ <u_u>

This is… The happy sheep who is about to takes her leave~

— だがしかし! ↓

↑ There were 2 big sized women sitting beside me this afternoon in Coffee Bean. When they got up and took their leave, a 10 cents coin was left behind.

“The hen laid 10 cents…”, was all I could think of. <.__.>

– Baa-bai!

Quiz: Whose quote does this belong to? → “Oh, it’s the bitch in the red dress..”

Clue: Name starts with K _ _ _ _ _ _ from R___________.