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Mood - Cranky

Mood - Cranky

Readers of PaperDiaries~!

Good evening!

Sheep is here to tell everyone that she won’t be blogging for sometime, maybe for a couple of weeks or more. Well…The title revealed the reason. I’m just not in the mood to interact with anyone.

Communication has been becoming more of a pain to me lately…Rephrase! It has always been a pain but right now it’s getting worse!

Every time I open my mouth or output my opinions/statements, people misunderstand me. In return, I misunderstand them. (Though some people keep changing their words…)

This rant could go on to be a long winded entry however, I’m not about to do so. I’m very fed up and tired of people.

Until I cool off, I’m going to just keep drawing, playing games and reading. Also, I need to do some revision because next month, my Saturdays are devoted to studies. I shall disclose this news another time, when I’ve regained my genki-ness.

Although drawing makes me feel slightly happier, I tend to get upset after my artworks are completed because — I can’t really show it to anybody. Nobody is stopping me but it’s just pointless.

It doesn’t matter if I drew it with my right hand, as long as it’s done by me — everything is a flaw!

I get it…

I’m graded as a natural born failure!