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Mood - Energetic and bouncy!

Mood - Energetic and bouncy!

Good morning, meat bags…and bones!

It’s November now. (Rejoices)

Not long ago I wished the Libras and Scorpios a happy birthday and now…To all the  ‘later’ Scorpios and Sagittarius, please have a joyous birthday~

Speaking of which, yesterday was Shien Yi’s 21st birthday, a friend of mine during high school days. So with good intentions, I rang her up and we did a bit of catching up with one another.

Somehow the conversation led to the topic regarding prank callers a.k.a creeps. You know, idiots on the other side of the line? I’ve blogged about this *here* but I would like to add more to it. (Laughs)

I’m pretty sure everyone has received prank calls at least once in their lives. A jackass rings you up, talks nonsense and even continues to harass you. Also, some callers are just damn weird.

Once on a separate occasion, a caller asked me if I was raped before and the other, a woman — who accused my home of being a snooker center where I’ve been shamelessly sleeping with her husband. <OAO>{!!!]

Champion la.  凸<¯へ¯>

Disturbing, very much so. You can get all sorts of nonsense by these callers.

Well, you don’t only get this kind of harassment via phone calls but also through smses and even e-mails. The content of the messages can very creepy. They try to commence a friendly conversation by smsing, “Hi. How are you? Your name?” —- and slowly ask for your photo. <_  _>lll

Hey, you can sound chivalry all you want but nobody is going to buy that, coming from someone who dials the wrong number or don’t even know the name of the person that he needs to speak to. (← Baa~ More on this later!)

The scariest thing is you don’t know if this person actually knows you or resides in the same area as you do! <OAO>

Anyway,the best solution is to ignore such callers. Don’t reply and don’t answer their calls, smses, e-mails — whichever way they approached you. If your phone has the function to blacklist callers, do that by all means.

Or as mentioned in the other entry, get a male friend or family member to take the call. The caller would be damn terrified because they are cowards.

Suppose it gets a lot serious, go to the police~★!

At the moment, I don’t seem to be getting any phone and e-mail harassment so yes, I’m not being annoyed. Hurray! (Laughs) <´ω`>

However… <T_T>

Here’s another tick-off of mine concerning phone calls:

People who don’t seem to know who they want to speak to!

They are quite harmless IF they don’t persist on calling you more than once. But it does irk me whenever I pick up the phone and all they ever say is “Hello? Hello?”

And I’ll go, “Yes? Yes?”, waiting for them to state the name of the person whom they wish to speak to. Even if they got me on my cellphone, to be safe, I would like to know if this caller knows me first.

Instead, I get this stupid comeback, “Who are you?”

Now, why would I let you know my name without knowing who the hell you are? As my dear Homura♥ has said before, “Isn’t it rude to ask for one’s name before introducing yourself?”


I rather he/she just slam the phone down. It’s rude but the stupidity awkwardness stops there. <`A´>/

Ah well, some people are like this. I don’t know the reason  to it (Do you?) but on our part, let’s make phone calls the appropriate way~

Here’s how: \<^v^>/

  1. Dial the number of the person you need to talk to. Double check to see if you dialed correctly.
  2. After the recipient picks up your call, say “Hello, may I speak to (__Insert name here__), please?” For a more casual approach, ask, “(_Insert name here__), is that you?/free to talk now?”
  3. Do not repeat his/her name like a broken record. By that, I mean: “Eh, Saru, Saru?” ← You will sound very retarded, especially if you got the wrong number.
  4. If the line is being passed to the person whom you want to talk to, y~ay! The operator/first recipient/your potential father in-law knows you’re not an uncivilized moron but someone with phone etiquette.

Not so difficult, isn’t it? <^-^>lll

Or did I miss anything out? If so, please fill them in.

In addition, let’s read about your weird and creepy experience with prank callers/anonymous callers/creeps!

Baa! <^∀^>/

Enough already. This entry is filled with text by Ms Aya the sheep. Baa~♪


I changed my cellphone’s wallpaper~

If you like this kind of pictures too, you can go to this website OR simply Google for “Echi Korean”.